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The Low-Down on Debt Verification

Can Debt Collectors Garnish your Wages?

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Here is a Directory of Debt Litigation Defense Articles. Perhaps most will be for members only, but others will be available to everyone. Member-only articles will be noted with an “*”. Also note please that some overlap in categories is inevitable – take a look at the directory if you can’t find what you want. Also, for blog articles, you could try a site search, and most of the blog articles are publicly available.


*Affidavits – What they are and How to Make One

Assessing Risk and Value in Debt Suits – What’s Your Case worth to THEM?

Assignment Contracts – a Holy Grail for Debt Defendants

Basic Procedures in Litigation

*Giving Notice of Actions involving court

*Giving Notice (part 2)

Is it Hard to Defend Yourself from Debt Collectors? and Do YLLU Materials Work against Original Creditors?

An Approach to Negotiations with the Other Side

Is there a Silver Bullet in Debt Defense?

How to Sue a Debt Collector and Why you Should Consider it

Ways they Might Try to Scare You – Accuse you of Raising “Frivolous” Claims

Sample Notices

Sample Entry of Appearance



Some Things you Should Know before Settling

*The Easiest Way to Do Legal Research



Defending Yourself Pro Se

Defending Yourself from the Debt Collectors

What to Do if Sued for Debt

The Importance of Counterclaims

Debt Collectors often Use False Affidavits

Debt Collector Sample Petitions

Defendant Answers



Discovery in General

Series on Depositions

Sample Deposition Questions 1

Sample Deposition Questions 2

General Introduction to Discovery

Importance of Early Discovery

General Concepts in Discovery

Conducting Discovery in Debt Litigation Cases

*Conducting Discovery in Debt Defense, Pt. 1 – (“Strike first and fast”)

*Conducting Discovery in Debt Defense Pt. 2

*Conducting Discovery in Debt Defense Pt. 3

Making them Answer Discovery (on Motions to Compel)

*Rule Mandated Discovery (“Mandatory Disclosures”)

Depositions in Debt Litigation (both taking and receiving – a big series of videos, including sample questions to ask)

*Good Faith Letters before Motions to Compel

Requests for Admissions – Asking and Responding


Alternative Dispute Dispute Resolution

*Arbitration and Mediation – How they work, what they do

Mediation in Pro Se Debt Cases – Don’t Lose your Shirt





*What to Expect Your First Time in Court (Your first day is probably not a trial, but some sort of pretrial or scheduling hearing – but you need to make sure)


*Trial Video Home Page

Debt Defense Trial Issues (a collection of trial and evidence-oriented resources)





When is Evidence “Evidence”

*You Must Object (to Bad Evidence, to Keep it out)

*The Rule Against Hearsay – As Close to a Silver Bullet as you’re Likely to Get

*Understanding the Business Records Exception (to the Rule against Hearsay)


Post Trial Matters





“Informal” Motions

Motion for More Definite Statement

*How to Argue Motions in Court

On Motions to Compel


State-Specific Materials






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