About Us

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose for this site is very simple: to give regular people what they need to overcome debt problems. We started as litigation defense for people wanting to represent themselves. Now we also include information on debt negotiation and credit repair.


Debt Litigation

If you’re being sued by a debt collector and can’t afford a lawyer, our membership is perfect for you. With our materials and guidance, you have an excellent chance to win. You should never give up.

Debt Negotiation

If you have debts piling up, there’s no need to panic. Instead, you can work with your creditors to reduce the amount owed and lower your risks. There are ways to do this. It’s much more than what you say – it’s about how you manage risks and discover different options. And it’s how you use the tools at your disposal to create negotiation opportunities and take advantage of them.

Credit Repair

There’s never a bad time to start repairing and rebuilding your credit. Of course you want to limit and reduce the bad information out there on you, but you also want to create new, good information. There are ways to do all these things, and we can show you how.

Kenneth Gibert

Kenneth Gibert grew up in Atlanta, GA and attended college in Northfield, Minnesota at Carleton College. He attended Washington University Law School, graduating near the top of his class in 1989.

He practiced law for fifteen years in St. Louis, Missouri before shifting his efforts to Your Legal Leg Up. While practicing consumer protection law, Gibert represented hundreds of clients and won numerous awards of monetary compensation, damages and punitive damages, credit reparation, and release from contract. He was also able to put a number of unscrupulous businesses out of the business of defrauding consumers and saved thousands of potential victims from the schemes of unscrupulous businesses.

For the People

Ken Gibert’s legal practice started with civil rights law – primarily employment discrimination.

His practice ultimately shifted towards consumer debt litigation and third-party debt (junk debt buyer) cases. He came to the conclusions that many citizens didn’t know their rights and couldn’t afford an attorney, but that they could effectively represent themselves against the debt collectors if they had a little help.

Therefore, he created Your Legal Leg Up and the Litigation Manual and forms and other information available as a part of his campaign to empower regular people to defend themselves and protect their financial future.

In addition to the materials on this site, his videos are a force on Youtube and he also has articles in dozens, if not hundreds, of publications. He has written several reports, manuals and books as well.