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All members should by now have received an invitation or confirmation – I’m not sure what it will be called – which you need to click in order to receive emails from us. This is not a marketing device and won’t lead to a lot of commercials. Instead, it will allow us to send you reminders of teleconferences, time changes… and other member-related updates.

Future members will get this automatically when they sign up.

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  1. Valentin Medel says:

    Im getting sued, need to respind by Wednesday, i thought if i rehistered i would get the kit to respond. I just learned i have to buy, its not included in the membership.

  2. Ken Gibert says:

    The answer won’t be a problem for you, but there is more that needs to be done. Come to a teleconference! There’s one tomorrow night.

  3. Joseph Hayse says:

    Just joined this valiant community this evening. I am very much looking forward towards learning, as well as contributing in any way that I am able as time goes on. Thank you so very much Ken for creating this forum and tremendous legal service to the community at large! Please enroll me for any and all notifications that involves this service. I am all in. And again, thank you and hello to all.

  4. Ken Gibert says:

    Sent you an email. You hover over the “about memberships” and log in. Then go to the appropriate member home page and look at information on teleconferences.

  5. Ken Gibert says:

    I trust you’ve gotten one now! Sometimes it takes a while to get official notification when you join, but you should log in and go to your membership home page – that’s where the good stuff is.

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