turn the tables on the debt collector

Turning the Tables on Debt Collectors

Debt collectors win most of the cases they file because almost all the people they’re suing give up. If people DID fight back, most of them would win. Let us show you how you can fight back and win.

You Don’t Have to Have a Lawyer – Lawyer’s are Expensive

Here at Your Legal Leg Up, we think that lawyers are expensive, and in most debt cases you really don’t need them. That’s because debt law is not incredibly complicated and does not tend to involve many witnesses or situations where a lot of experience in litigation is necessary. Most debt cases are actually quite predictable. That’s because the debt collectors file the same cases over and over saying exactly the same thing. They buy the debts in bulk and get the same kinds of records every time – and don’t get the same kinds of records every time. So their cases are predictable, and that means you can be taught what to say and how to say it.

Lawyers are trying to make at least $150/hour in fees in most cases, and most people being sued for debt don’t have that much money. This means that not a lot of lawyers regularly take these cases or know the law very well. So in addition to lawyers being expensive, it’s hard to find one who understands this kind of law or knows what to do. In many, and perhaps most, people will do better representing themselves. This is definitely not the case with most kinds of law. But with debt law, representing yourself can be the best choice even if you could afford a lawyer.

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