What They Are, Why You Should Get One, and What it Costs

It is not possible to give pro se debt defendants a simple, pre-packaged plan – no reputable company would try. That’s because the debt collectors themselves have many tricks and techniques, and both the law and the debt collectors are always changing.

That’s why we introduced memberships at Your Legal Leg Up.


Memberships give us a chance to communicate directly with you – and to hear and address your questions live and in real time. We do that through our weekly teleconferences, which are a tremendous value.

Document Bank

We have other important benefits of membership. One of the most important of these benefits is our document bank. That gives you samples and examples of things other people in your situation have done.

Materials, Emails, & Newsletters

Some of our members want to be able to read everything on a topic – or on all topics – related to debt law. We don’t think that is necessary, or even a good idea for most people, but if that’s the way you are, you will find a lot of stuff on our site that is for members only.