What Memberships Are, Why You Should Get One, and What it Costs

It is not possible to give pro se debt defendants – or others with legal problems – a simple, pre-packaged plan. No reputable company would try. That’s because the debt collectors and other people involved have many tricks and techniques, and debt issues have many ways of showing up. Both the law and the people on the other side are always changing.

You need something more flexible than a pre-made plan. You need to learn about what you’re doing.

That’s why we introduced memberships at Your Legal Leg Up. They give us a chance to help you over time and changing conditions.

Types of Membership

We have three levels of membership that should allow you to choose the kind of services you want to receive and the way you want to pay for them. Generally speaking, Gold Membership gets you into the teleconferences and a discount on materials you will likely need as you proceed. Platinum Membership gives you the teleconferences plus the motions packs and some other materials you are likely to need free. And Diamond Membership gives you the benefits of the other memberships plus other materials you will find helpful in litigation.

Gold Memberships

Our most valuable service is the teleconference. In that, you can call up and discuss, in real time, things that are happening in your case. Although we will not give you legal advice, we can suggest what things mean, what you will need to do to prepare, guide and encourage you. Our goal is always to develop your judgment and readiness, and the teleconferences will give you a huge amount of help in preparing your case or defense. Click here for more information on the Teleconferences.

You will also receive our Litigation Manual as a free bonus for this membership. The Litigation Manual will ground you in the overall process of debt litigation, describing the players involved, how litigation works, and what you need to do to defend yourself. Click here for more information on the Litigation Manual.

Click here for a more complete description of the Gold Membership.

Platinum Memberships

Platinum Memberships give you everything the Gold Membership gives and more.

Debt problems tend to travel in groups, so to speak, and you may want more than just debt litigation materials. With the Platinum Membership you get special materials on credit repair and restoration and debt negotiation and settlement. You also receive free access to the materials you are most likely to need in defending yourself – the Motions Packs and Three Weaknesses Report. You will pay a little more up front, but then you will get almost everything else you could need for free.

You will receive our

  • Litigation Manual,
  • Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual, and
  • Credit Repair Manual, along with
  • the Three Weaknesses Almost Every Debt Collector Has

with your membership and will also have access to the Motions Packs for free.

Click here for a fuller description of the Platinum Membership.

Diamond Memberships

Diamond memberships include everything the Platinum memberships do, plus extra advantages as well. We will have additional teleconferences for Diamonds (as needed) where we will go into deeper questions of strategy, and you will have more free content.

You will receive our

  • Litigation Manual,
  • Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual,
  • Credit Repair and Restoration Manual, and
  • Three Weaknesses Report for free.

You will also receive the ecourses we create for free, as well as an ebook, Special Issues in Debt Litigation – which used to be a rather long book but is in the process of being recreated as a series of ebooks. These materials are for people with insatiable curiosity or somewhat out-of-the-normal cases.


Memberships give us a chance to communicate directly with you – and to hear and address your questions live and in real time. We do that through our weekly teleconferences, which are a tremendous value.

Document Bank

We have other important benefits of membership. One of the most important of these benefits is our document bank. That gives you samples and examples of things other people in your situation have done.

Materials, Emails, & Newsletters

Some of our members want to be able to read everything on a topic – or on all topics – related to debt law. We don’t think that is necessary, or even a good idea for most people, but if that’s the way you are, you will find a lot of stuff on our site that is for members only.