Platinum Memberships

Platinum Memberships combine all three of the Gold Memberships into one package.

As we often say, debt problems generally travel in crowds – that is, if one debt collector is suing you, others are probably harassing and getting ready to sue you – and still others are messing up your credit report. It’s tempting to try to focus on just one of these things at a time, and that can work. But a more effective way of dealing with debt problems is to take them all on at the same time. So even while you’re beating the debt collector that’s suing you, you’re negotiating with another one to keep it from suing you.

And you’re beginning the process of repairing your credit from ALL of them.

If that makes sense to you, then you should consider our Platinum Membership.

Benefits of Platinum Membership

With our Platinum Membership you get three manuals: the Debt Litigation Manual, the Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual, and the Credit Repair and Restoration Manual.

You also get access to our complete document banks, so that you can reduce the amount of repetitive paperwork you have to do in taking care of all these problems, and you get access to all our member-only articles and videos on all topics.

And you can be part of all of our teleconferences. Right now, that’s just two per week, but as our membership base grows in credit repair and debt negotiation, we will add two teleconferences for each of these areas as well. And as the membership grows, there will be more of ALL of them, because our commitment is to answer the questions our members need answering. But platinum members will have more opportunities, and a somewhat easier time scheduling their teleconferences.

Special Tactics

When you take on debt negotiation, debt litigation and credit repair at the same time, you discover that some of the tools work for more than one thing. For example, if a debt collector is bugging you AND has damaged your credit, you can dispute the collector’s action both through the Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These two acts have different purposes (as laws) and requirements. Verification under the two acts is different, and verification under the Credit Reporting Act is more difficult and rigorous for the debt collector – and the CRA also gives you a way to attack the original creditor as well if it is reporting you.

And you can, of course, you can use any and all the information you get through either the FDCPA and CRA (also called the FCRA, for “Fair Credit Reporting Act”) in litigation if they sue you. And you can use any information you get in a lawsuit they – or you – file, in attacking their responses under the FDCPA or FCRA. In other words, knowing all three sets of rules can sometimes be very, very helpful. Our Platinum Membership opens some of those ways up to you.

Other Benefits

As with each of the Gold Memberships, you will receive special reports and offers. As a Platinum Member, though, you get them all. This includes:

  • The Three Weaknesses Almost All Debt Collectors Have
  • Take Control of Your Life and Debt; and
  • a discount off the prepaid legal program we offer our members.

10,000 Member Drive

As I point out in our materials on Gold Membership, a key strategy in our debt litigation program is to recognize that debt collectors take a “factory” approach. They file huge numbers of cases and work very little on them because most people either default immediately or give up quickly. So they file a hundred cases, work on none of them, get judgments on 98 percent of the cases they get served, and let a few people get away. Our program helps you be among those who get away “through the cracks.”

But what if everybody defended and fought back?

If that happened, the debt collectors would have to change completely, and until they did, pretty much EVERYBODY would get away from them. Our 10,000 member drive is about making that happen. If everybody fought back, it would shut down the debt collectors and push the judges to stop being mere cogs in the debt collection industry’s machine. With that many people fighting back, learning, watching the courts, and pushing back, it would change the nature of the debt industry completely. I think that would be a good thing.

And so I have begun a 10,000 member drive.

The Next 1,000 Members

As part of our 10,000 member drive, I am offering special discounts to help people join for less. For the next 1,000 members to join, we have slashed our Platinum membership initiation fee to $75. It’s normally $200.

And you will also receive free access to our special situation packs – the motions packs, the PA Silver Bullet Pack (only applies to Pennsylvania residents) and the California Bill of Particulars Pack (only applies to CA residents).

Our goal is to make it possible for you to pay one monthly membership without paying anything else for all the good work you’re doing to repair your financial condition.


If you’ve priced any of these services before, you know that it would likely cost you $1,500 – $2,500 to hire a lawyer just to start defending you from a debt lawsuit; it would cost you $50 or more per month to hire someone to help you with your credit report; and it would cost an arm and a leg to get help with debt negotiation and settlement – the numbers are just crazy. So our membership is a small fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. And you get a lot more with us.

The bottom line is that we want you with us, and we want you to win. We’ll do what it takes to give you the best chance possible to do that.

And join us

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