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Can They Garnish Your Social Security

Another take on the question of If you are an elderly or disabled  American—or are receiving Social Security Payments for any other  reason—you may fear that debt collectors could seize or garnish  your income. The debt collectors may have suggested they could, or would do so if you do not pay them. Can they do it?

Debt Defense Basic: Don’t Talk

You should only talk to a debt collector when you have a specific reason for doing so, and when you accomplish that goal, you should not talk to them any more. This video reviews this basic concept of debt defense and negotiation.

Secret Danger of Garnishment to Social Security Recipients and Others

If you have a judgment against you – or are in danger of getting one, you are not the only one at risk of garnishment. You could be putting other people at risk, too. Anyone whose assets have your name associated with them is also at risk. Especially the elderly – you may need legal advice.