Follow-up 7A to People being Sued for Debt

I often say that the trick to beating the debt collectors is “defending intelligently.” You have to know a few things and do a few things right. If you do, you’ll probably win.

So what, exactly, do I mean by defending intelligently? What do you have to do?

It’s simple. You have to find out what they have in the way of evidence and weigh their chances of proving their case. If it’s the rare situation where they have what they need, then you will probably want to think about settling the case – you’ll be able to do it for much less if you’ve done some work defending it. But most of the time you’ll find weaknesses in their case. Then your job is to push the case to some sort of resolution where they either drop the case or you win.

It is simple, and taken in small enough steps, it isn’t all that hard, either.

Remember, this isn’t much like most legal work, where the lawyers tend to be quite smart and to work very hard on every case. This really is more like factory work. They’ll get their 99, and if you fall through the cracks? It isn’t usually worth it to chase you. That’s the way debt law works.  Most debt buyers, and a lot of original creditors, too, don’t have what they need to win if you fight, and frankly they don’t care. They get their 99. Your job is to be the one that slips through the cracks.

Now, do you need us for all of that?

Yes and no. Of course you could probably figure things out… if you had time, but time can be scarce when you’re being sued, and there’s a lot to know. We give it to you in manageable bites.

And speaking of manageable bites, let’s go ahead and talk about memberships with Your Legal Leg Up and you probably want one if you’re thinking about defending yourself from the debt collector.

First, why not get a lawyer?

You know the answer to this: money. Lawyers are expensive, and debt defense lawyers often charge almost as much as the debt collectors want to get from you. It’s a business, right? But for most people, getting a lawyer is out of their price range.

And there’s another problem: getting a GOOD debt defense lawyer. Our members tell us that most of the lawyers they talk to seem more interested in settling the case than defending it. They want you to pay – a lot – to get this done.  I’m not saying this kind of lawyer won’t do you any good at all, but chances are you can do much, much better for yourself.

Your Legal Leg Up

You probably know us from our videos – we’ve done quite a few, and while I must admit that the sound quality hasn’t always been the best, our ideas HAVE been, and they’ve saved a lot of people a lot of money. They can do that for you, too. If you’ve looked at the comments on our videos at Youtube, you know a lot of people have found our materials helpful.

If you’ve seen our videos, you know we know what we’re talking about, based on a lot of years of experience, both back when I was a lawyer in court, and since then in helping people with their cases through Your Legal Leg Up. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I’m one of the foremost authorities on debt law in America. And more than that, on helping pro se litigants win their cases.

We have a record of success – and our success comes only when our members succeed in beating the debt collectors.


We have three levels of membership that cover three areas of the law. We have a Gold Level Membership in Debt Defense, in Credit Repair, and Debt Negotiation. Our Platinum Membership combines the Gold Memberships and gives you all three for the price of one. And  our Diamond Memberships give you even more.

If you join us at our Gold Litigation Member level, you will four main things:

  • Litigation Manual
  • Document Bank
  • Teleconferences
  • Three Weaknesses Report

They work together to orient you to debt litigation, help you figure out what you need to do, understand what they’re doing, and know the main points of attack you should consider. Through it all, you’ll learn enough to apply your own judgment and knowledge to the situation as it develops so you can be ready to handle anything that comes up.

Litigation Manual

This was our original product. It explains the litigation process from start to finish, talks about the people and companies involved, and tells you what they want. It also tells you what to expect, what things will be called, what to expect in court… pretty much everything you need explained in about 250 pages. When you finish the Litigation Manual, you’ll understand what’s going on.

Document Bank

But we’ve figured out that there’s a difference between knowing what’s going on and what to do and actually doing it. There’s a lot of repetition in litigation, and most people involved in lawsuits are going to face some similar issues. What if we could give you a little help there?

We can’t give you ready-made forms because you might just use those without making sure they’re right for your case. And the fact is, people’s cases are different enough from each other so that we couldn’t tell you what to do if we wanted to. But our document bank does the next best thing: it’s got samples and examples of things that have worked. You’ll find questions to ask, things to say, ways to object, and many more things that could help you along the way. You’ll still have to use your judgment, but this will save you many hours of trying to figure out what to say and how to say it.


No matter how well prepared you are, how much you study and learn, there are still going to be things you don’t understand. They come up because the other side is trying to trick you, wear you out, or in some other way make you give up – that’s the way they make their money. To counter this, we have our teleconferences.

Teleconferences are live conversations that happen at least twice a week for gold members. It’s a chance for you to ask questions about what something means, what the other side is doing, or what you might want to do next. They’re strategy and coaching and teaching sessions all put together. If you’ve watched my videos and had questions, this is how you get to ask them. They last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half – I never like to leave a question unanswered.

And there’s another thing about the teleconferences. You’ll hear other people in the same boat talking about what’s happening to them, what they’re doing, and what the bad guys are doing.  Everybody knows that millions and millions of people are being sued by the debt collectors, but when it comes to YOU being sued you feel all alone. This reminds you that you aren’t, that there are lots of other people in the same boat. And their ideas can be your ideas. What they do that works might work for you.  As the saying goes, advice, answers, consultation, worth about $100 per hour. Knowing that other people are facing the same thing… priceless.

Three Weaknesses Report

In addition to the materials we’ve developed to help teach you about the debt collection process in general and to develop your judgment when new things come up, we’ve discovered certain things that are common to almost all debt collectors, and even many original creditors. Because this is something that can help so many people, we’ve put together a report called “The Three Weaknesses almost Every Debt Collector Has, and How you Can Use them to Blow their Case out of the Water.”

A long title for an exceptionally useful report.

I tell people that I almost always try to write in plain English and avoid “lawyer-talk” or other stuff that’s hard to understand. But the Three Weaknesses Report is a little tougher than a lot of stuff I write because it applies close legal reasoning and analysis to a situation that is probably a lot like yours. I don’t usually cite case law or speak of the law in specific jurisdictions. In the Three Weaknesses Report I do, though. You’re still going to have to decide what part of it applies to your situation, but for those parts that do, this will go a long way towards winning the case for you.