Is It Hard to Defend Yourself When You’re Sued for Debt?

People often ask me whether it’s “hard” to defend yourself from the debt collectors. Of course it depends on what you mean by “hard,” but it certainly isn’t hard compared to what most of the people asking me the question are used to doing. It’s hard to work all day at something you don’t like to do. And it’s hard not to be able to buy the things you need… Those are examples of things that are actually hard. What makes defending yourself difficult is not so much the amount of work – although there can sometimes be quite a bit (it is usually spread out over time) – or anything else you actually have to do. What makes defending yourself hard, sometimes, is changing habits. You may have a habit of not looking closely at your credit card bills or the letters debt collectors send you. You may have a habit of not standing up for yourself when you think you might owe someone some money. And you almost certainly don’t have a habit of going to court or filing documents with the court.

These are all little things if you take them one at a time – it’s only when you look at them all that things can seem overwhelming. You have time in litigation, you can learn what you need to know. And you’ll save yourself enough money from taking on the debt collectors so that you don’t have to do some of the really hard things quite so much.

Do the Your Legal Leg Up Materials Work on Original Creditors

Debt collectors have a different status in the law than “original creditors,” the people who initialy extended credit to you. For example, creditors are not, generally speaking, subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, although this distinction has been somewhat blurred by recent Supreme Court decisions.

More importantly, original creditors have certain practical advantages, as they are more likely to have the records they would need to prove their case. Surprisingly often, however, they do NOT have the materials they would need to win, and there’s only one way to find out: by fighting the case and conduction discovery. Doing so will usually only work to your benefit, as the more you make a company suing you work – and the more it looks like it will have to continue to work – the less it will take to settle the case.

Therefore, the YourLegalLegUp materials work against original creditors. They help you test the strength of the other side’s case and find out if they have what they need – and by fighting you cane expose weaknesses and give yourself a real chance to win.


Fighting for your Rights

We at Your Legal Leg Up believe that it almost always pays to fight. The debt collectors, including original creditors, are used to “easy pickins,” and therefore they are hesitant to make any meaningful settlement offer unless you fight. And that assumes they have a right to sue you in the first place, and it is quite common these days for people without a right to try to collect from you, either by accident or on purpose.

Thus it makes sense to fight, and we can show you how – and help – whether it’s against the original creditor or a debt buyer.