Easy Way Out of Debt

Is there a “Silver Bullet” to Debt Collectors?

In mythology, one of the few effective ways to kill magical creatures is with silver, and so a “silver bullet” is a semi-magical response to stop something bad. Is there a silver bullet approach to the debt collectors? Is there something you can do, with little effort, that will just make them go away? There seems to be a cottage industry of people selling that sort of easy one-size-fits-all solution.

The debt collectors make their living off that kind of thinking.

There are NO Free Lunches in this world, but you have a great chance

You have to stay away from magical thinking if you want to have a chance when the debt collectors sue you. Fortunately, theirs is a business that is set up like a factory, and if you put in a little effort, you can find and do the things that work. They do take some effort, and they won’t always win, but there are things that make you much more likely to win than to lose. And once they see you’re ready to stick to it, they may very well walk away from the whole thing.

After all, they make their money off people who don’t fight or don’t know what they’re doing. We help you do both, and your chance of winning is very, very good.

As we often say, around 90 percent of people being sued for debt do not defend themselves. Consider what that means: it means that it’s really more expensive for a debt collector to find out whether it has a good case against you – much less to build it and beat you in court if you fight  – than just to bring cases and dismiss them if things get tough. And that’s exactly what most debt collectors do. Therefore, rather than look for words to scare the debt collector away, it makes sense to build a tough defense that makes them work hard to try to beat you.

Do the things that give yourself a chance to win and the things that make it tough for them to beat you. Then you probably will win if they don’t walk away first.