Letter to New Visitors

Hi and welcome to Your Legal Leg Up.

We have a lot of information that we hope will be helpful to you, and so we encourage you to look around. However, we know you probably didn’t just land on this site by accident. Most of our visitors have an urgent purpose for being here. To find what you need, if you have a pretty clear idea what it is, you could try the site search button in the top left corner of the page. If you aren’t quite sure what you need, you might want to hover over the orange menu buttons.

If you need help evaluating a lawsuit that has been filed against you or think you need help looking at specific collection activity that is NOT a lawsuit, you can get that through our special new Evaluation Service

Being Sued?

People have historically come to our site as a last-ditch defense against the debt collectors – they’re being sued and they need to take action fast. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered with the Debt Defense System and membership  Click here to get everything you need to know about these products. If you are being sued, time is important, of course, and you DO need to get your answer or motion to dismiss filed on time. However, these things don’t take very long once you know what you’re doing. So it is a good idea to take some time to get oriented. There’s no need to panic.

Maybe you’re not being sued and are just being called and bugged about a debt. We have products and information you will need in the earlier stages of debt problems. The most important thing to remember is this: anything you do that makes it easier to sue and win against you also makes it more likely that they WILL sue you. What does that mean? It means that if you admit owing the debt, having made payments or anything like that, and if you tell them where you work or bank, you make it more likely you will be sued. You might think you are being “responsible” and appropriately cooperative, but it works differently in law and debt.

You will find materials on site that will help you navigate this stage of the problem.

Need Help Repairing Credit

If you’ve managed to fight off the debt collectors – or as part of your overall strategy – you may want to start repairing your credit. That’s always a good idea. If you need help repairing your credit, we have materials that can help. Most people who have experienced debt troubles will need to repair their credit.

Being Proactive

We encourage you to use the site for more than just a last-ditch effort, though. There is a lot of information here – and the free articles and videos are just a scratch on the surface of what’s here – about every stage of the litigation process, from when debts first start piling up all the way through the credit repair stage. You’ll find free videos and articles, and much more in the membership areas, just by hovering over the orange menu buttons near the top of the page and clicking on the materials you see. Please feel free to use the site often.

For information on how to negotiate your way out of debt trouble before it comes to a lawsuit – even if you happen to be in a lawsuit already with somebody else – check out our Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual.

If you need help repairing credit, check out our Credit Repair Manual. Both the Debt Negotiation and Settlement and Credit Repair Manuals come as bonuses with the Debt Defense System.

Miscellaneous Problems or Issues

People often come to our site for a variety of issues that are coming up in their cases. They’re representing themselves pro se, and the debt collector has filed a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment – or you’re trying to get the debt collector to give you the discovery you’ve asked for. We have specific products directed towards these needs, although we generally recommend that you simply get the Debt Defense System as a way to get it all more conveniently and cost-effectively.