Credit Repair - Life after Debt


Defeat the debt collectors in lawsuits, end debt problems, and repair and restore your credit.


Credit Repair Manual - Life after Debt


If you have had debt problems and struggled to find your way back to stability, or if you are in the process of making your way back into stability, you almost certainly have damage to your credit report that is holding you back. 

It may be hurting you in ways you don't even know about.

Simply put, a good credit rating is the "key to the kingdom," your way back to the good life you either had before or always wanted.

We here at Your Legal Leg Up don't really encourage anybody, at any time, to borrow any money. Ever. But we do realize that not everybody shares that opinion. Even if you do, however, your credit rating matters in so many ways and affects you in everything from the rates you pay on your loans to whether you can get certain jobs and where you live.

A bad credit rating is like an invisible, but very heavy, tax on your hopes and dreams.

Fix It

Credit repair - correcting and improving the information in your credit report, is possible and can be done by following a series of steps that is not too complicated or difficult. The Credit Repair Manual is designed to give you all the information you need to do this yourself as well as if you hired a company to do it for you. In fact, since the bureaus and information furnishers are not required to do some things for professional companies that they would have to do for you, you can do it better for yourself than the professionals can do it for you..

And save hundreds of dollars while you're at it.

We Can Help

All you need is the right information and the willingness and energy to use it. We can supply the information better than anyone else. 

The Credit Repair Manual provides you a complete and systematic understanding of the credit reporting system and laws in a way only one familiar with the laws can do. And while most people who talk about credit repair talk only about the Fair Credit Reporting Act, that is not the only law that will matter to you as you rebuild your credit. Our experience with debt law - and commercial law in general - brings you unique insights and methods for credit repair that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

You can get the Credit Repair Manual by following this link.


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