Hello and welcome to your membership at Your Legal Leg Up. Please help us in communicating with you. We now send out notices of teleconferences through a third-party email server, and I would like you to sign up below. We will NOT sell or otherwise give out your name or use it to market to you in any other way than necessary to provide you information which is helpful to you or to notify you of events. Likewise, there will be a newsletter or similar notifications of value to members that will come through this server.

Debt Litigation Members

If you are a litigation-based member, let me strongly suggest that you read the Three Weaknesses Report that you got for free as a bonus for signing up. While this is not the easiest reading you will ever experience, it will almost certainly be a key to your defense against whoever is suing you. Like membership itself, this report is fundamental to your success.

Debt Negotiation Members

If you are a debt negotiation member, I suggest you start with three things. First, read the Take Back Your Life report, which will give you some ways to control the noise debt collectors are making in your life. Second, I suggest you glance through the negotiation manual and consider your strategy for negotiation. Will you attempt some of the unconventional bargaining we suggest? or will you withhold payments as a starting point? If you decide that your strategy will involve withholding payments, then you will want to look at our materials relating to prepaid legal service.

Credit Repair and Restoration Members

If clearing up damaging references on your credit report is your primary reason for joining us, you will want to go to the Credit Repair Manual – provided to you with your membership. If you’re planning to build your credit, and repairing is just one of your strategies, then we suggest you start HERE.