Motion for Summary Judgment Pack

Battle-tested Motion for Summary Judgment Defense Pack

If you’re defending yourself from the debt collectors pro se, a motion for summary judgment is one of the most dangerous tests you’ll face. For one thing, the stakes are high — mess it up and the debt collector might get a judgment against you or get your counterclaim kicked out. And the rules are complicated, so you risk losing on a technicality.

The way the debt collector writes it out, you hardly know how to go about attacking it. Can the law and facts be that clear?

No. Debt collectors usually misrepresent the law and facts in their motions for summary judgment. Their motions are usually bogus. You just need a little help looking at their motion, isolate its deceptions and mistakes, and show how wrong they are. The Motion for Summary Judgment Defense Pack does all that. It consists of:

The Motion for Summary Judgment Packet consists of 6 Documents:

  • A debt collector’s real motion, with attachments, only slightly altered to protect identities (18 pages)(a public record)
  • A “How to Use” set of directions with links to videos (5 pages)
  • Joe Consumer’s Motion to Strike Evidence (3 pages)
  • Joe Consumer’s Affidavit (1 page)
  • Joe Consumer’s Response in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment (the legal memorandum)(19 pages), and
  • Joe Consumer’s Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Attorney’s Fees (7 pages).

Although this is not “cut and paste” you will find this document, along with the directions, just what you need to get started on crushing a Debt Collector’s Motion for summary judgment. It will show you how to isolate each fact and argument the debt collector is relying on, analyze it, and destroy it.