Get the Gold Litigation Membership

We have discussed the general benefits of our memberships. To recap, we believe that non-lawyers who need to represent themselves pro se against the debt collectors need three kinds of help: guidance, encouragement, and examples. Conceptually, there’s a lot of overlap in those ideas. Pragmatically, though, we are speaking of different things.


Our teleconferences happen twice per week for Members, and they are your opportunity to ask questions and discuss strategies in real time. We can’t give you legal advice, but we can help you see what the other side is doing and what you need to do in response. We can discuss what you’re going to encounter in court on any given day or regarding any given motion. We can help you figure out what to say or do, and when to do it. Our members find this enormously helpful – and that’s really just scratching the surface of what’s possible when you talk to someone who knows very well what you are facing.

Along the way, you will make friends with the others. You’ll hear what they’re facing and doing, and it will give you ideas about what you might face or do. And you’ll realize that millions of people are in the same boat you are. It’s hard to overemphasize what this will do for you. Members swear by it. You will get the teleconferences for free, as often as you want.

Litigation Manual

The Litigation Manual gives you more background and increases your overall awareness and familiarity with the process. You won’t want to ask about everything, and you won’t have to – the Manual will get you started and point to things you need to learn. It would be possible to defend yourself using just the Manual, but it would be a lot more difficult and less fun. You will get the Manual for free.

Forms and Samples

Litigation is unlike most things. Even where most of the debt collectors do almost exactly the same things in pursuit of their claims, the fight is still intensely fact and situation specific. Thus there are no forms that will really apply to your situation. Using forms that are out there – and there are some places that will give or sell them to you – will likely mean giving up some rights that can be important. Our approach has always been to give you samples and teach you how to add or subtract from them to address your own, exact, situation.

This started with the document bank but has grown to include a very large number of member-only articles and videos. You will find these things extremely helpful, especially in conjunction with the teleconferences, where you can ask how to use them. The document bank will save you large amounts of time and also serve as a way of keeping you on track and making sure you do everything that needs to be done.

You get the Document Bank and member-only articles free.

Reports and Motion Packs

Technically, motions are the way you or the other side ask the court to take some action. Practically, they tend to be turning points or opportunities for you to drive the debt collector away. In other words, they tend to be very important moments in a case.

We have motions packs that address these specific moments in great detail and do much of the work for you – always bearing in mind that you must learn how to use and apply them to your own specific situation. Not everyone needs any motion pack, and most people do not need ALL of the motions packs, and so we sell them separately. We used to charge more for the membership and make the motions packs free, but now we charge less for the membership and give a discount off the price of the motions packs.

You get a 25% discount off any motions packs you need.

We also have numerous reports for specific situations. These are usually questions you might want to consider, like, “Do I Need a Lawyer,” “What if I Really (Think) I Owe,” or issues like that. In other words, unlike the motions packs, these reports are designed to help you think rather than create some document for court. These questions are usually addressed through a variety of articles or videos on the site, but we wrap them up and put them into more concise and powerful form in our reports.

You get a 25% discount off any reports you want.

Three Weaknesses Report

There is one report which is more generally needed – we’d say it applies to almost every single debt case that ever gets filed. And if your case is brought by a debt collector it’s almost essential. That is the “Three Weaknesses Almost Every Debt Collector Has – and how you can use them to blow their case away.”

This document is in report form because it doesn’t refer to a specific motion or instant in a lawsuit. Rather, it will apply in various ways throughout the litigation. You need it, and it is free with membership.

You get the Three Weaknesses Report free with membership.

Consider the Price of Lawyers

If you are being sued, you have three options.

  • You can simply ignore the case and hope it goes away – this obviously leads to disaster, but it is in fact what most people do.
  • You can hire a lawyer to represent you; or
  • You can defend yourself.

If you can find the right lawyer, and he or she will represent you, you have a good chance of winning the suit. And if your lawyer is known to the other side, there’s even a chance they’ll drop the suit immediately. That would be easy, right?

Right – it would be easy. But the first challenge in that situation is finding a good lawyer and getting him or her to represent you. That turns out not to be easy, for reasons we won’t get into here. The second challenge is paying that lawyer. Our members have reported a wide variety of fees for representation, from about $2,500 on up. Or you can pay by the hour (sometimes). When I was practicing a common fee was between $100 and $150 per hour, but times have changed and the numbers are higher now.

With our membership you will get regular opportunities to discuss your case with someone who used to represent clients in cases like this – one of the foremost authorities in this type of lawsuit in the country. You will do the work, but you will be learning from the best. You will be able to do work on the level with just about anyone you could hire. And you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It isn’t easy, but people who have gone through the process find they love the changes it makes in them.

To buy the Gold Litigation Membership go to the Membership tab and click on “Register.” That will guide you through the process. Gold Litigation Defense membership costs $25/month plus a one-time sign-up fee of $60.