The Debt Defense System

Defeat the debt collectors in lawsuits, end debt problems, and repair and restore your credit.

Debt Defense System – Table of Contents


Overview of the Debt Defense System

To put it in plain, non-marketing English, if you’re being sued by a debt collector and can’t afford a lawyer, you should get one of our membership packages. You have an excellent chance to win if you fight, do the right things, and persist. People who do those thing almost always DO win.

Our membership is designed to help you win the fight.  With our memberships, you get the materials and guidance you need to win.

After you get the big picture, we’ll go into the specifics of our offer.

Everybody Needs Encouragement

The first and maybe main thing that people need when they learn they’re being sued is encouragement. Getting sued is a shocking and scary experience – even if you have been struggling with debt. Most people, knowing that a lawyer and company are lined up against them, give up.

But actually you have a great chance to win if you fight with some energy and persistence. Our membership is designed to give you what you need and to encourage you to keep on in the face of what seems pretty scary. When you get used to it, it won’t be so scary anymore.

It’s Critical to Understand the System

You need  a systematic knowledge of the debt-buying system. How do they make their money? How do they work? And how can YOU mess them up?

That’s something we understand very well. We understand what they’re trying to do, and we know how to stop them. We know what the things they say mean, and what you need to do to stay “in the game.”

We can tell you what you need to know to make the decisions that will keep you on course and give you significant help in doing the things you need to do.

Successful Debt Defense is not (Usually) Fast and Easy

Debt litigation can be a long and sometimes difficult task (although sometimes it turns out to be quite easy). Debt collectors have a system that uses documents they’ve long since created. They say the same things, have the same evidence, and respond to your attempts to defend yourself with the same brick wall.

We help level the playing field. We’ll help you challenge their bogus petitions, attack their bogus evidence, and wear them down when they try to stonewall you. Yes, the process will take work, but you’ll have help and guidance along the way that will allow you to make your efforts count.

When they see what you can do, most debt collectors eventually fold their tents and go away.

Even if they don’t, you will actually win, by motion or at trial, almost every time.

Knowing Procedures and Form Helps you Impress the Judge

Frankly, one of the biggest problems most people representing themselves have is getting the court to take their arguments seriously.

Judges Used to Bad or No Defense

As you will see when you go to court, judges are used to a nearly endless line of people heading past like sheep on their way to shearing. Most of them just give up. Many who fight make the best arguments they can, but since they don’t know what they’re doing, they make the WRONG arguments or talk about the wrong things. Or they make no arguments at all even if they show up.

And the judgments roll out almost endlessly. The judges practically snooze through it all, it’s so routine for them.

Getting Your Judge to Listen

Then you show up with good arguments, and the first thing you have to do is wake up the judge.

It isn’t always easy, and you can’t do it by yelling. You have to do it by making arguments in the right time and place, in the right way, and often enough, repeatedly. Most people need help with all that.

We’ve got tons of materials on the site for members, but even more important than that are the teleconferences. That’s where you get to talk it through. You can say you’re scared, and people will understand. You can ask what something means, and you’ll get answers.

And we’ll ask you questions that will help guide you through the process. Because we have a LOT of experience with this.

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