Two Videos: “Jury or No Jury” and “Was there an Affidavit Attached?”

In Jury or No Jury, we explore the question of whether a debt defendant wants a jury trial. There are reasons on both sides – juries are more complicated and could seem more intimidating. On the other hand they present significant issues for debt collectors and drive up the costs to them of suing you.

In “Was there an Affidavit Attached?” we ask whether the debt collector attached an affidavit to the lawsuit it filed against you. If it did, and if it was deceptive (as they often are) it could be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Do you Want a Jury or No Jury?

When You’re Sued for Debt


Was There an Affidavit Attached?

_________________________Attaching an Affidavit to the Petition May Violate FDCPA________________________