The Beginning of a Debt Lawsuit

Start of Suit

There are some issues more likely to come up early in the case than at other times. For help with this sort of issue, take a look at the videos and articles below.

Debt Collector Dirty Trick–to Trick You into Defaulting  Video. Sometimes, for various reasons, a debt collector will tell you “not to worry” about answering the petition. This video tells you how to handle that.

Debt Law Is the Law of the Jungle!  Article. Don’t be fooled. If you’re being sued, you’re in a contest, and they’re trying to eat you up.

The Importance of Early Discovery  Article. If you’re being sued for debt, it will help you to get “off the blocks” quickly and begin the process of discovery. This article explains why that’s so important.

Is Defending Yourself Hard?  Article. How hard is it to defend yourself? This article goes a little more in depth than the video on that question.

Is Defending Yourself Hard?  Video. Basically the same as the article–if you prefer to learn in video.

Defend Yourself, Protect What’s Yours  Video. You have an excellent chance to win if you defend yourself. This video tells you why and gets you started.

Pro Se Defense  Video. Some pros and cons about defending yourself in court when you’re sued for debt.

Settling with the Debt Collector  Article. Settlement can be either victory, defeat or compromise. Before you settle at any point in the suit, you should read this article.

What if I Really Owe the Money?  Video. What if you owe the money? Should you just pay it? or fight? This video tells you why you must defend yourself or run the risk of paying twice. And if you fight, you may not have to pay at all.

What’s Your Case Worth to a Debt Collector?  Article. How Does a Debt Collector Decide How Much Your Case Is Worth?

What to Expect the First Day  Article. If you’re being sued, you probably need to go to court even if you answer the petition. Here’s what to expect when you get there.

Why Don’t the Debt Collectors Just Give Up?  Video. If your defending yourself makes suing you so unprofitable, why don’t they just give up when you file your answer?