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Debt Defense System

The Debt Defense System

The Debt Master Series

Defeat the debt collectors in lawsuits, end debt problems, and repair and restore your credit.

Knowledge Applied is the Power to Defend

You can beat the debt collectors if they sue you. It’s mostly a question of knowing what you need to do and doing that throughout the lawsuit, while at the same time not doing the things you should not do, until you either make them go away or win at trial. It sounds simple, and it is – if you know what you’re doing.  You will with the Debt Defense System.

The Debt Defense System

In this video we talk about the Debt Defense System – who it is good for, what it is, how it works, how to get it, and how to use it.

First of all, should YOU get the Debt Defense System?

You should get the Debt Defense System if you are actually in a debt lawsuit. If you have not answered the petition yet, you will have time to read the materials as long as you have at least a day. Or several hours. So time is not likely to be a problem, and you get a link to a downloadable product (the Manual) almost instantly. So – time not really going to be an issue.

If you are already in the midst of the suit – for example a motion for summary judgment has been filed, or things are just kind of hanging out, then you should also get the Debt Defense System. If you have something specific to do to defend yourself, you will find specific materials in the members-only part of the website, and the Manual will help you understand how they fit into the bigger picture. If you’re hanging out, you shouldn’t be – you’re wasting time, and the materials will help you make better use of your opportunities.

If you were sued but did not answer and got a default judgment against you, you should maybe get the product. Depends on how old the judgment is. You need to know the rules on motions to vacate. Google “motion to vacate,” time and your state’s name and read until you get an idea about whether you will have a legitimate basis to vacate the judgment. If so, you will probably want the Debt Defense System. If you think you’re out of time on a judgment, and it’s a big judgment, you should consider asking a lawyer in your state to take a second look at it. You might not be. Our materials will probably not help you with this question, however. It will be fact-specific.

If you are not being sued, we do not recommend this material. It’s interesting and informative – it’s very cool – but you would be better off just reading articles on the site. There’s lots of free stuff. The Manual and membership are designed to give you tools to win a case, not just information about the law even though they give you plenty of that. You could try Special Issues in Debt Litigation if you have interest in more than just what’s on the site.

If you are being sued and have a lawyer, you may or may not want to get the Debt Defense System. It will certainly help you know what is happening in the case and inform you about strategies and options. I don’t suggest that you use it to question your lawyer and suggest they don’t know what they’re doing. If you decide they don’t, then get another lawyer, one you do trust. We have a report you might find helpful for that. Badmouthing and second-guessing a lawyer you continue to hire is not a good idea.

The Debt Defense System is designed for debt litigation. Specifically, this means a lawsuit brought against you for a debt you supposedly owe which you may, or may not, owe. It will help you against either debt collectors or original creditors, and it doesn’t matter what state you are in – there’s a pattern, at least, that they follow in all the United States.

On the other hand, the materials are not designed to help you with things that are not debt law, even though they may be somewhat related. They will not help you with foreclosure defense, for example, or clearing real estate titles. They aren’t designed to help you sue a merchant which defrauded you, and they won’t help you repair your credit report. It will give you a basic insight into the legal system that you may find helpful, but I’m sure you can find better help if you look for these non-debt law issues. We do have a separate product for credit repair.

The Debt Defense System consists of a Manual, which is designed to give you an overview of the debt litigation process. It gives you a basis for beginning to decide how to defend yourself. It helps you decide whether the summons was properly given to you to start the suit and what to do if it was not. It helps you look at the behavior of the debt collector and consider your options, and it gives you a great deal of information about the rest of the lawsuit too. The Manual would be enough, in most cases, to get you all the way through the lawsuit, so it is a rich source of material. You can look at the product page for more specific things.

We decided that wasn’t enough. As we have explained in the materials about the membership, debt collectors have some big advantages coming into a debt suit. They know the information, so they can file suit and pursue it without any problem at all, they deal with massive numbers of the cases so they can do their actions “in bulk,” which further keeps their costs down. They have computers full of documents they can use to spit out ridiculous objections that take up a huge amount of your time. And they are “connected” to each other. Debt collectors help each other, in other words, and they never, ever worry about whether what they are doing is wrong in any way.

Just using the manual and materials, you could probably beat the debt collector. But you would spend gigantic amounts of time redoing things that have already been done by others. You would worry, and you might make a mistake. Membership is designed to help you streamline things so that you save time and anxiety. We have a document bank which you can use for samples, we have some videos and articles created just for members to use, and most of all, we have the teleconferences.

The teleconferences are your way to connect with others. They’ll help you know more both by giving you a chance to get your specific questions answered and by hearing other people’s questions. That helps tremendously because you don’t always know the right question to ask, you know?

And then, the teleconferences are also a way to talk to other people in the same situation trying to do the same things you’re trying to do. Suddenly you feel smarter, better, happier and more comfortable. Debt collectors often call their prey bad names, and a lot of people being sued for debt feel guilty or wrong. The teleconferences are the best possible antidotes for that, and since your willingness to fight is the main ingredient in your chance to win, you improve your chances a lot by attending the teleconferences.

The way to get the Debt Defense System is easy. You need to get the product called the Debt Defense System and the renewing membership at the same time.  If you get the membership without the System manual, your money will be returned. If you try to get the Debt Defense system without also having the membership in your checkout cart, you will not be allowed to make the purchase. You have to get them both. You will be able to cancel the membership when you need to do that, so you are not locked in for any specific length of time, but if you really understand that the membership is the most valuable part of the package, you won’t do that. You’ll get six hours of teleconference per month, every month – time to ask your questions, hear other people’s questions, and talk to other people in the same boat.

Your Legal Leg Up – The Power to Retake Control of Your Life

Simply put, Our materials tell you what you need to know to take on the debt collectors. We thoroughly explain the debt collection process and tell you who the players are (and what they want) in plain English. We show you how to navigate the court system and laws so you can neutralize the main advantages of the debt collectors and use your own advantages the best way. We show you how to win without spending everything you own on the fight. And we include the forms you will need to look sharp and professional regardless of what court you’re in, and the resources and back-up you will need.

If you fight back the debt collectors soon find out that it isn’t profitable to keep after you. That doesn’t mean they’ll automatically drop the case and walk away as soon you file an Answer, of course – though many do. Rather, they’ll often push back to see if you really will stand up. The more you do, the more likely they are to drop the case or settle it on drastically better terms for you.

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You Will Be Prepared to Fight

          Our Debt Defense System prepares you to fight. The Manual itself is over 200 pages long in plain English. It has chapters on

  • how to answer the petition and make a counterclaim (and why you’d want to); or
  • how to file suit yourself against a debt collector and why that sometimes makes sense;
  • how to conduct discovery, which is where most cases are won or lost;
  • how to make and defend motions, prepare for trial, how to win at trial if it goes that far;
  • and more.

There’s an appendix with the complete text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and another with the Federal Rules of Evidence. There’s a Glossary of Legal Terms so you can understand what the bad guys are saying. And there are innumerable links to articles and videos on related topics. All so that a non-lawyer – busy with life and under stress – can get a fair shake.

There is the Forms Book (included), which has the forms you will need to make your presentation sharp and professional looking in Open Office (a free, Word-compatible program) so you can cut and paste more conveniently. The other side will know you mean business when they see your documents, and that’s most of the fight.

And the whole thing is linked to sites on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere so that you’re getting so much more than just the Manual. Much, much more. If you look at our products, you will find many different products for different stages of the litigation. You will see that we have:

  • Motion to Vacate Default Pack (so if you have defaulted (lost your case by not showing up) you can try to scratch your way back in;
  • Motion to Dismiss Pack – for early stages of litigation to try to win easily and quickly if you can;
  • Motion to Compel Pack – to force the debt collector to cough up the information you need to beat it rather than stonewall you endlessly; and
  • Motion for Summary Judgment Defense Pack – to keep the debt collector from getting a quick and unfair victory over you

          Access to all this information is included in the Debt Defense System. And really… that just scratches the surface. The Debt Defense System is what you need to defend yourself.

Knowledge Applied Is Power

Ken, Just a quick email to say THANK YOU for your well-written manual! I was scared to death when I got a summons and Complaint served on me by a debt collection attorney in Nov. I did exactly what you said, though, and basically let them know I wasn’t going away. The key, I believe, was in the Interrogatories (I used the exact same ones in your manual). The wouldn’t answer them, even after my motion to compel. So I filed a Motion to Dismiss, and that was pretty much it. The attorney folded like a cheap suit, and I have to say it almost felt better than sex!

Thanks again! —Gary

          Knowing what to do means you can be comfortable in court. You can know the basic legal principles that control the cases and the facts of your case and, to the extent possible, of the other side’s case. This kind of knowledge gives you the best chance to win.

          Hi Ken, I just went through mediation…The mediator said he thought I was better prepared than most lawyers. – Frank, Arizona

The Advantages of Self-Representation

Representing yourself is the most cost-effective way to defend yourself from a debt law case.Yes, you’ll have a very good chance to win the case or, if you choose, to settle for far below what the debt collector wanted in the first place. Yes you will save a lot of money. Yes, you need to do this right away. Get the Debt Defense System now.

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