Getting control sometimes is easy

Is Defending Yourself From the Debt Collectors Hard?

How hard is it to defend yourself from the debt collectors? The difficulty is mostly psychological. It can be scary at first, but if you do the things that need to be done one at a time, it isn’t that hard. And you have a great chance to win.


It isn’t that difficult to defend yourself from the debt collectors. It just requires that you do some things that take you out of your comfort zone – more a question of attitude than anything else. The work is really just a series of steps. Each one involves a manageable amount of learning and doing, and the more you do the better you get at doing it.

It will take some work, of course, and sometimes it may be frustrating, but you can do it, and the rewards can really be great. You will be able to do something it would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to get someone else to do for you, and you’ll know they’ll never be able to push you around again.

Our mission is to protect people from the debt collection process. If you are being sued by debt collectors, or if you are being harassed for money, you need to take action to defend what’s yours. For much more information on defending yourself, go to Fast Track to Debt Defense.