Control Your Debt Control Your Life

Take control of your life and your money

If you are being hounded by debt collectors, one of the first things you want to do is get a little perspective, and you may, or may not, then want to force them to leave you alone completely. You’ve probably seen debt verification letters for 50 or 100 dollars and cease communication letters for the same. This pack contains professionally created samples of both letters that you will be able to cut and paste with minimal effort and maximum effect, and it also contains articles that explain the way these things work and the issues to consider in determining whether and when to use them.

It also contains a system for getting on top of your debts and activating your abilities to create wealth so that you never need to worry about debt collection. Nothing “magical” –  just effective common sense combined with legal and financial knowledge into a unique package that will add to the quality of your life.


This package is intended as a bit of an introduction to the materials at Your Legal Leg Up. It contains an article on debt control and wealth creation so you can get a handle on your debts and begin to make things in your life better, and articles on debt verification and “cease-communication” letters, so you can gain some protection and peace from the harassment of debt collectors – and so you can understand what effects your doing so may have on your bill collectors. Also contains sample form letters for demanding debt verification and forcing the debt collectors to cease-communication and leave you alone..