Special Report:

Do You Need a Lawyer When You’re Sued for Debt?

People being sued are naturally scared and intimidated, but do you need a lawyer to defend you when you’re being sued for debt? and what if you can’t afford one? This report helps you figure out how to decide whether or not to hire a lawyer when you’re being sued for debt.

We have discovered a number of things that people face when being sued and trying to decide what to do. Perhaps the first question that comes up, and causes so much trouble, is whether you can afford a lawyer. We suggest a step back and some slightly different questions. First, do you need a lawyer to represent you? and what would such a lawyer do for you? Can you afford to hire the wrong lawyer? and can you afford NOT to hire the right one?

This report looks at what lawyers do, how they do it, and what they say about it – in debt law. And we guide you to a sensible answer to the question of whether or not you need a lawyer if you’re being sued by a debt collector. It goes into the details as to why you might need a lawyer to defend youf from the debt collectors – and also why you can do this yourself and might want to do it yourself.