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Dear Ken,

Thanks to you and your informative materials and website, we scared off the Debt Buyer, Midland Funding!  Today was my day in court and guess what?  The attorney for the Plaintiff, Midland Funding, did not show up. The judge had a shocked look on his face, because I am guessing, this was not normal for the court.   I made a motion to dismiss, and it was granted.

After buying your Debt Defense System, and listening to your conference calls, plus watching and listening to the videos and articles on the website, I was armed with enough knowledge to do what needed to be done.  Serving discovery, including request for production of documents and interrogatories and then responding to their Motion for Summary Judgment, and then the coup de gras, the Plaintiff actually withdrawing their motion for summary judgment, gave me the courage and skills to face them head on.  

Most people today have debt problems and are facing harassment and possibly default judgments.  EVERYONE should arm themselves with your material.

I will highly recommend your website and materials to everyone.


Joanna McConnell

Hey Ken,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I settled my account for the %15 Payment has been made and agreements signed.
Thanks for all your help on this your service was instrumental in allowing me to take care of this thing.
Have a great summer!
The best organized, thorough and easy to understand information I have found in one place, period!
Daphne Francis
You offer us a world of knowledge that the normal person would not know. For this I thank you so much!
Marlin Griffin
Your docs are fantastic. I’m filing your Motion to Exclude BOP in court on Monday.I’d be a helpless without the videos and doc’s. I was able to vacate their Clerk’s Judgment in June–using your doc’s. Keep up the great, great work your doing. Robert

I just wanted to quickly let you know – that your package helped me get my suit dismissed with prejudice. It was for around $5000 on a former Amex card.  Thanks for empowering me to fight and win!


I can’t tell you how happy I am to have joined up!! I appreciate everything you’ve done and coaching/mentoring you’ve provided.
Attorney. Andrew M. Maruggi
I’m battling Patenaude and Felix–they got a clerk default on me for $9000! Using your vacate default doc’s, I went to court and got it vacated. Using your demurrer doc’s I sent them a demurrer on Monday. Next I sent  your California Bill of Particulars Tuesday. I can’t thank you enough for your great, great site.
Listening to “Your Legal Leg Up on YouTube” equips one with the basic understanding of what to expect and Ken’s course material goes into more deep with an abundance of examples. However, the teleconference puts all the material in perspective by listening to real stories. Ken is a wealth of knowledge, he informs one not only what to include or say but more important what not to include or say. As one reads the materials, there is always question and the teleconference give you an opportunity to resolves your question. You will hear other people’s question(s), which you may or may not have thought of, and how Ken resolves and elaborates on the issues. To fully understand the material, I believe listening to the teleconference call is a must.  
Joe M.
I’m very grateful to you since your program got me started in the direction to getting a collector dismissed who tried to sue me in court in CA.
Later I realized that it did not only save me more than 10K but also enabled me to get a much-needed construction loan that I wouldn’t have qualified for had I not stood up for myself and defended myself against this collector!



Hey Ken,

Good call tonight and yes I will be on the call .

Here is the score:

Big Mac 2 Asset Protection via Hanna & Associates 0 (ZERO)

Both States cases. First one 40K Second one 10K. Both voluntary dismissal.

Let me know if you need more information.


“I settled and it was a victory on my terms! Thank you for the manual and working with me thru my emotions and getting me to the end….I waited to respond to until I saw for myself….It works to fightback! THANK YOU …THANK YOU…Ken.

I saved several thousand dollars….money well spent on the manual….”

Olivia, California

“I showed up prepared..lets just say the debt collector has not contacted me for a month now. I just hope that more people will fight the debt collectors.”   -J T

  “I’m sure I’ll be able to adapt the material to meet with Ohio’s rules of procedure, statutes and the like. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your time.” –Craig M, Ohio

“The collection agencies are hoping you don’t have this information.”  – BP

This guy knows his stuff. I got all his forms which literally takes you step by step and even has all the sample templets!!! If you want to win please get his Forms. Also send everyone you know to this site!!!” -“Tacticalsheepdog” @youtube

“Just to let you know when I did order your product, I had to go to court,… I had a motion to compel. I showed up prepared to fight. The opposing attorney wanted to negotiate a lower price. I will recommend this to people I know….Yes, please add me to your testimonials, that would be fantastic! I just hope that more people will fight the debt collectors. –John T

“Good info; what he is saying is 100% true. The collection agencies are banking on the odds that you are not willing to defend yourself.”

“One more thing, I just got a letter from the lawyers last night addressed to the court…It says it is a ‘voluntary dismissal.’ Thanks.” -Andrew

“If there were more people like you the world would be a better place. Thank you!” –Mark T. 

I have used YLLU and was very happy what I learned and the results I got. It is now over a year and still a follower and learn more each time. I know I will never have this problem again. I am armed with info and know that lawsuits are not good and many are just out to take your money because you don’t know how to protect yourself! Thank you again.

 – Olivia, CA


I want to thank you for continuing doing the work you do, to help others. I notice you have a lot more videos on Youtube and it’s good, informative stuff!  It has been more than 2 years since I beat back two law suits and got both dismissed. In my heart, I know that BOTH these wins insured that 7 other creditors wouldn’t dare try and sue me. (The statute of limitations in my state has long since kicked in and I don’t even worry about law suits anymore.) But, if not for you, I couldn’t have done any of this. Your litigation manuals were my template for success. I did little more than use the manual and adapt it to my situation. Sure, there was some work required on my part, and deadlines to meet. I believe anyone who is truly committed, and has a reasonable amount of intelligence, can do what I did. More than anything, you gave me the confidence I needed to go forward, and I am indebted to you!

Your friend for life,


Hi Ken:

Yes! Yes! Yes! You were totally right about “strike hard strike fast”

I went to court today. Before court started the Plaintiff’s attorney asked if he could speak to me. ( I was a little suspicious). The plantiff’s attorney asked what do you want. I said I want Dismissal with prejudice, the plaintiff attorney asked will you drop your counterclaim. I said yes if I get the dissmissal. He said okay, He completed the papers and I didn’t have to go before the judge. I was out of their in 10 minutes.

I did do it afraid. I really did not want to go to court today. The plaintiff attorney said it was not worth it for the plaintiff on a $795 debt to proceed. They came to this decision on Friday. Everyone reading : Ken’s knows what he is talking about the Manual is worth every dollar. Plus your able to ask ken questions.

Thank you Ken so much for your patience with me and help.

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 Unedited comments on Youtube

I purchased your program and approve of it. It is well done if your looking for a step by step procedure and documents to file for? a statutory defense. It would work better if you know the local state rules for ‘discovery’. you cannot win with an attorney because the cost would be prohibitive but you can do it yourself with some study. Jurisdictionary does not do as well as the explanation in Fightdebts paperwork. Thanks

” Mr Ken is help from God for me. I came across with such a great person whose products are not for such a minimal price but most of all his help and sincerity is marvelous. I won my case because of Mr ken products,suggestions and his availability for people like me who are in desperate need and don’t know where to go. I won my case. It gave me so courage that i am ready to fight the rest of BSitters”
Maria – Illinois

I was presented with a lawsuit for $2000 from a creditor with a court date. After watching these videos, I contacted the court and told them I was defending against the case. When I showed up for court today, the clerk informed me? that the plaintiff requested that the case be dismissed without prejudice. Thank you so much for these videos

Great video, this is an economics lesson that so many people need to learn. I’ve unfortunately had to default on four credit cards and I still haven’t been sued. Thanks to your? information, I’m not even concerned if I do receive a petition.

Continue: I once mailed them a legal letter and send it signed return receipt to show that they got it. One of them refused to sign for it and sent it back. Amazing. My tip: Don’t tell them that you are sending them a letter. I’ve enjoyed learning about how truly fraudulent debt collectors are, it makes me very confident that? I can deal with them now or even in court.

Cedric W
Hello? Ken, I can’t thank you enough for this video. I am being sued by CACH LLC as plaintiff and their attorney sent me an affidavit basically stating that they know the affidavit to be true, except where stated to be “alleged by information and belief” well, their whole cause of action is preceded by the sentence, “alleged by information and belief” I didn’t realize this until i watched your video….

Frank D’Angelo
Hi Ken! I have great news! I have an offer of mutual dismissal with prejudice.
Last month I was sued by Riverwalk Holdings for? a debt.All they attached to their complaint was an old UNAUTHENTICATED ? account statement.They were trying to sue me for over $5500 plus INTEREST.

Thank you so much for these videos! I have listened to at least 1/3 of them! You are so right in the things you say!? I have experience so much it the Bull from the debt collectors. I felt confident, and just a little jittery in court yesterday 4 second time.I used the words, strike, validation, dismiss w/prejudice,and i found robo signing ,which the co. is notorious for! the Judge said If the co. must present original signed doc.and a few other things, or he will grant my motion!

Awesome video, I was so ready to go to court after I did research on defending myself from debt collectors. So far, I haven’t been served a petition, all of my third party collectors have given up for? now.

Michael Delaware
This is a great video Ken.? I have read your book now, and plan to read it again, and again. Thanks.

Urlien Boldewijn
Thank you so much for all you are doing to help others. I will purchase your material because you have given the best? and straight forward information for FREE! May God bless you! My support you got!

vichygirl827 1 year ago
Hi,I just wanted to tell you that I’m thankful that I found your video on debt collection lawsuits.I never really thought? that I could defend myself against a creditor like Capital One.Now,though,because of you,I’ve received the inspiration I need to defend myself in court,if the time comes.