Notes from a User of the Litigation Materials

The following is an email from a user of the Litigation materials. This customer used our materials to file a response, discovery, and to respond to a motion for summary judgment. She was ready for trial, but the debt collector gave up rather than fight at that point.



I just wanted to say “Thank You” again in written form.  In the last couple of weeks two separate Debt Buyer petitions have been dismissed by the Plaintiff’s because I learned how to defend myself in Court through your videos, web site, downloads and conference calls.  I do think the conference calls were massively helpful and provided support and encouragement at a personal level.  It was also instructional to hear others in similar situations describe how they were handling their cases.

I had been blindly winging my defense on a Debt Buyer petition for six months when I was served with a second petition from a different Debt Buyer.  The Plaintiff in the first petition filed a Motion for Summary Judgement because I had failed to answer Plaintiff’s Interrogatories to Defendant.  I was clueless as to how to respond and knew that I had to do serious research or hire an attorney.  After searching the Web I decided to buy your Debt Defense System and spent the time to read the entire package.

I also bought the Motion for Summary Judgement pack and reviewed.  Eventually, I submitted my own Defendant’s Interrogatories to Plaintiff and this was the key to my success.  The Plaintiff in the first Petition was ordered by the court to produce Discovery by a certain date and did not.  I filed a Motion to Dismiss on Sanctions.  The Plaintiff submitted his own Motion to Dismiss on the day they did not produce Discovery as ordered.   The second Petition was dropped when I objected to their request for an extension to file Discovery, produced Answers to their Petition and filed a Counter-claim.  I simply could not have successfully defended myself “Pro Se” without your materials.

Most Sincerely,