Answering a Petition in a Debt Lawsuit is EASY

The Bad News: Being sued in a debt law case is downright scary. You wonder whether you should answer and what happens if you don’t. You wonder whether you have any chance to win even if you do fight back.

The Good News is that it isn’t hard to fight back and you have an excellent chance to win if you do. In fact, debt defendants should win almost all the cases brought against them by debt collectors. And even more good news is that, although it does take some work, answering the petition is actually fun. Many parts of debt defense are. You just have to know how. And that’s where we come in.

Whether you want to mount an all-out defense, or whether you’re just hoping to improve your chances of settlement, you need to respond to a debt lawsuit.

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If you would like an inexpensive, systematic approach that tells you whether you NEED to file an answer and how to do it if you do – and how to do other things if you need to do them, you will find this series helpful.

It’s a great first step towards protecting your rights and the things that are yours, and keeping your wages from being garnished, your bank accounts seized, and other unpleasant things from happening.

Answering a Petition in a debt law case is simple, easy and fun. You can do it. We will show you how. The videos will only take you a little more than an hour to watch, but they’ll give you a lasting education in defending your rights.

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You can buy this product now for $17.00 or get it free with membership.

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