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Your Legal Leg UpLitigation Bundle (pdf)


Third Edition - Now includes the Trial Handbook and Introductory video as a free bonus!

Everything you need to understand debtlitigation and defend yourself from the debt collectors. Newly Revised Litigation Manual and Forms.

This is our "foundational" product, and it is designed to give you all the basic information and forms you need to defend yourself against the debt collectors without having to hire a lawyer. Contains:

♦ Extensive explanation of the debt collection process and explanations of who the debt collectors are, what they want, why they act the way they do, and things you can do to gain the advantage.

♦ Description and instructions for every step of the litigation process, from how to Answer the Petition if the debt collectors are suing you to how to file a suit yourself if their harassment is breaking the law.

♦ Detailed and thorough explanation of the main laws affecting you and the debt collectors - so you know how they are breaking the law, and

♦ Much much more. Click here for a full description of this product.

Price: $97.95

Delivered via email in PDF format; forms also in Word-compatible format.




Our best deal - Your best chance

New Bonus! Membership now comes with a free copy of our Guide to Legal Research and Analysis.

Membership is on a subscription basis, for $12.95 per month. You get access to:

  • Our ever-increasing video library;
  • Our document bank of battle-tested forms, pleading, letters, notices... the works;
  • V.I.P. Access to our staff for the quickest possible response to your questions; and
  • A subscription to FightDebt!, our Newsletter;
  • A FREE copy of our Guide to Legal Research and Analysis
  • Other benefits.

Click here for the bonuses you will get with your order if you also order the Litigation Bundle.


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As most people who know my materials know, I am a big believer in the discovery process - but what if you can't conduct discovery? How do you get ready for trial on short notice or where the court won't allow you to conduct discovery?

This Handbook tells you how - it includes information about the way to conduct a defense - how to object - what to object to - and what you can do to prepare yourself even when you aren't allowed to conduct discovery.

Comes as a free Appendix to the Litigation Manual, or you can get it here for just

Price: $39.95 delivered in pdf form.


Motion to Vacate Default Judgment Pack (pdf)



Has the other side gotten a default judgment against you? Are they trying to collect? or do you think they might? You need to file a Motion to Vacate (or "Set Aside") the default. That's asking the court to remove ("vacate") the default against you and let you defend yourself. You ask the court to do that through a Motion to Vacate, and this Motion Pack will give you everything you need to file one. Devlivered via email. Go here for more details.



Motion for Summary Judgment Defense Pack (pdf)

msjcover[1].jpgA battle-tested response to an actual motion for summary judgment. Not cut and paste, but models you can use to understand and attack the debt collectors motion in your case with language  you can use that really works. Delivered via email.



Motion to Compel Discovery Pack (pdf)


Tired of getting brick walls in response to your discovery? You can make them give you the information and documents you need to win your case. This motion to compel pack contains the information and language you need to win. Delivered via email.




Case Preparation Binder


If you want to impress a judge - and you always do if you're in a lawsuit - one of the best ways to do that is to be extremely well organized. They'll listen to you better if you can make your arguments quickly and without having to shuffle through your papers to find what you need. And they'll listen to you better if you can find a case that says what you want them to do.

The Case Preparation Binder will help you do all that. It is a one-inch, three hole binder with dividers and index tabs to help you keep things straight. It also includes protective plastic pocket pages to help you keep exhibits or the cases you might want to give the judge. Plus it has a checklist for the events likely to occur during debt litigation and a schedule form to keep you organized, along with paper for notes.

Comes with a special report: What to Do if You Get Sued.

Most lawyers use notebook binders to keep their papers straight, and you need one too.

Case Preparation Binder               $25.00
Delivered by U.S. Priority Post - postage and handling included in the price.


Best if purchased together with the Guide to Legal Research. Get them both and save.

With Case Preparation Binder and Legal Research Guide                 $39.95  $30.00


Motion to Dismiss Pack



One of theyour defenses to a lawsuit is a motion to dismiss, and often you must file your motion to dismiss before filing an answer or you will lose important rights. On the other hand, the debt collector may well file a motion to dismiss your counterclaim or even affirmative defenses. This Motion to Dismiss Pack helps you file a motion if you need to - or defend against the motion if the plaintiff files on against you.

It contains

  • Instructions
  • Motions to Dismiss in Debt Cases Report
  • Sample Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's Claims for Breach of Contract and Account Stated" in pdf and Open Office (Word compatible) formats
  • Sample Memo In Support of Motion to Dismiss in pdf and Open Office (Word-compatible) formats
  • Sample Memo in Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims in pdf and Open Office (Word-compatible) formats
  • Basic instructions of legal research



Your Legal Leg Up™ Litigation Video Series 

This is, in many ways, the premier product of Your Legalvideos.jpg Leg Up. If you learn better by video, or if you want to see how to address many of the issues that might come up in a typical debt law case, this is the best product for you. As one person put it:

You have GREAT videos!!  There's something about seeing the videos and hearing your voice that makes the material all the more easy to absorb!                                                    Christine


Now exclusively available as member benefit

Click here for information on membership options.



Special Issues in Debt Litigation (pdf)

Although debt litigation is not a complicated form of law, there are many complicated or tricky issues that come up. This book goes through most of those issues to give you a better understanding of the debt law process. It is interesting, but it is designed to work for you in your defense. Delivered via email in pdf format.




Library of Reports

We have several in-depth reports created to give you a close look at specific issues of great importance to our customers. A few are listed below, and Click here for the full library of reports and to purchase any report individually.

Got Debt? First of a series of reports on the debt collection process - an overview that helps you start preparing for litigation at an earlier, more effective, time.

Garnishment and Other Collection Methods Second of a series of reports on the debt collection process. Explains the four main types of property seizure and how to protect yourself.

Considering Bankruptcy Third of a series of reports on the debt collection process. Explains the costs, risks and possible benefits of the bankruptcy process. Will give you an understanding of the way the bankruptcy process work.

Click here for the full library of Reports.

atmailbox.jpg Fightdebt! Newsletter

It's like having your own legal research team to keep you up to date on recent developments in the law as well as new strategies and tips. Each edition of Fightdebt will include some of the best questions I have received (and their answers), a review of recent legal developments in the law, and a highlight report of some particularly important strategy or defense.

For more information click here: Fightdebt!


Now exclusively available as member benefit

Click here for information on membership options.

 Motions Pack Library




Motions are usually key turning points in any litigation. That's because they are the formal way parties ask the judge to take some particular action - to kick out certain claims, to allow or disallow some crucial piece of evidence, to vacate a default judgment and let you defend yourself, or to grant a summary judgment and end the case.

The judge reads your arguments, considers what you want and what the law says, and makes a ruling. With so much riding on what the judge does, you need to get it right. We have a selection of Motions Packs that will help you do just that. Click on the Motion you're interested in to read more.

Motion to Vacate Pack

Motion to Dismiss Pack

Motion to Compel Pack

Motion for Summary Judgment Pack


Motion to Exclude Evidence Pack (coming soon)


Guide to Legal Research




Guide to Legal Research and Analysis

If you are defending yourself pro se from the debt collectors, you will need to do legal research along the way. This product guides you through all the most important and easiest ways to do that, with how-to's and warnings along the way to make sure you don't lose something important while trying to take a shortcut.

You will hear about the most powerful type of research that you can do right at court, finding the strongest arguments, best authority, and even your judge's previous responses to the arguments - right at your own court.

You will hear about law library research - its advantages and disadvantages.

And you will learn about legal research you can do on the computer wherever there is an internet connection - how to do it, but also some warnings about using this seemingly convenient and obvious.choice.



This product works well in tandem with our Case Preparation Binder, which normally sells for $25.00. Get them both for just $30.00 and save.

Guide to Legal Research and Case Preparation Binder                                     $39.95  $30.00


Winning With California's Bill of Particulars

In California, you can demand a bill of particulars and force the debt collector to provide you everything it has. Since debt collectors rarely have what they need to beat you, if you push for the bill of particulars far enough in the right way, you may be able to win your case outright and with a relatively little effort or risk - or time. But the trick is to follow the procedures in the right way, from the initial demand, through the motion for further bill of particulars and the motion to exclude. This product provides you everything you need to do that.


The Bill of Particulars Pack includes:

  • A sample demand for a bill of particulars;
  • a sample "meet and confer" letter;
  • sample motion for further bill of particulars; and
  • sample motions to exclude evidence and or dismiss the case

It's everything you need to get from making your demand for a bill of particulars through moving to get evidence excluded and getting the case dismissed. Because the debt collectors are frequently filing these cases both as breach of contract claims and as "account stated" claims (to which the bill of particulars do not apply), the sample motion to dismiss includes the most powerful arguments I have found or could make to dismiss the account stated claim.





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