Thank You for your Purchase of How to Answer a Debt Law Petition


Thank you for Purchasing How to Answer a Debt Law Petition.

We will be sending you links to the documents that are a part of the course within 12 hours - probably a lot sooner. Please let me know how you like the course! Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and if you'd like to get future courses for free, and also to get a lot of help, including personal attention in real time through our teleconferences, consider a membership with Your Legal Leg Up.

Here are the links to videos.


Introduction to Course

Lesson One – A Little Legal Terminology

Lesson Two – Service of Process, Suit Started

Lesson Three – Challenging Service of Process, Continued

Lesson Four – Other Bases for Motions to Dismiss

Lesson Five – Answering the Petition

Lesson Six – The Answer Itself, Continued

Lesson Seven – Answer to the Petition

Lesson Eight – Affirmative Defenses

Lesson Nine – About Counterclaims, Pt. 1

Lesson Ten – Counterclaims, Continued


Petition 1

Petition 2

Answer with Affirmative Defenses

Answer and Counterclaim

Bonus Video: Discovery – Key to Victory

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