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State-Specific Materials

This will be a long-term project, as we begin to write more articles that will address issues that arise in specific states. We will eventually have member-only material catalogued here for greater convenience.

State Pages





Our state-specific products (so far)

California Bill of Particulars Pack - Californians have a tool, halfway between pleadings and discovery, that can force debt collectors to provide all the information you need to defend yourself from most of their claims. The bill of particulars will often make them drop all or part of their case - or to give you what you need to hammer them in court.

Pennsylvania Silver Bullet Pack - a great product that will stop most debt collectors - and a lot of other bad guys too - in Pennsylvania.

General Products

We currently have three main products designed for people who are attempting to negotiate and settle their debts: The Debt Negotiation System Dashboard, Control Your Debt, Control Your Life, and Prepaid Legal Services (which we have negotiated with a third-party company to provide for a special price). If you are being sued, you need the Debt Defense System.

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