Four Decisions Everybody Getting Sued for Debt Must Make

to Start Getting Back to the Good Life


If you're being sued for debt, you're going to have to make four decisions. This free report will help you put them in perspective so you can protect what's yours and not let the debt collectors rip you off.



Lawsuits are Scary

When a process server hands you a summons letting you know you're being sued, or when you find out in some other way, if you're like most people you will be terrified. It may be something you have feared for a long time, or it could be coming from straight out of the blue, but as Oliver Wendell Holmes (an early Supreme Court Justice) put it, next to death, most people fear being sued the most. It's scary because it's time-consuming, confusing, and seems to open a door to nearly unlimited expense and grief.

The "Bartleby Defense"

A lot of people respond to that by pretending that nothing happened - you aren't being sued, and the service of process was just some sort of terrible mistake. Or - - you can simply "decline" to accept service. According to this idea, you can just tell the process server to go away - you'd rather not be troubled by the lawsuit (the "Bartleby Defense" - named after the character in Herman Melville's story, "Bartleby the Scrivener, who found that he "preferred not to" do all the things that would have given him a normal, happy life). If you do this, you won't be troubled by the lawsuit, and it will go away. The problem is, you will soon be troubled by a judgment and by people trying to seize your bank accounts and garnish your wages. And with the judgment against you, they'll be able to do that, and you probably won't be able to stop them.


Get Back to the Good Life

The Bartleby Defense invites years of misery. Don't do that. Seize the bull by the horns. There are things you can do to protect yourself and what you have. It doesn't take a genius. Get our free report and start taking control of your life and this lawsuit. It isn't rocket science, and anybody willing to spend some time and effort can defend himself or herself. Learn how to do this and to get back to good life you always wanted. A life where you get the benefits of your work, where you can pick up your phone without worrying about it being a debt collector.
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