Winning With California's Bill of Particulars


In California, you can demand a bill of particulars and force the debt collector to provide you everything it has. Since debt collectors rarely have what they need to beat you, if you push for the bill of particulars far enough in the right way, you may be able to win your case outright and with a relatively little effort or risk - or time. But the trick is to follow up the procedures in the right way, from the initial demand, through the motion for further bill of particulars and the motion to exclude. If you skip any step along the way you may well lose your rights.

This product provides you everything you need to do that and to attack the method the debt collectors have used to try to avoid the power of this technique and the motions you will file.



The Bill of Particulars Pack includes:


  • A sample demand for a bill of particulars; 
  • a sample "meet and confer" letter; 
  • sample motion for further bill of particulars; and 
  • sample motions to exclude evidence and or dismiss the case


It's everything you need to get from making your demand for a bill of particulars through moving to get evidence excluded and getting the case dismissed. Because the debt collectors are frequently filing these cases both as breach of contract claims and as "account stated" claims (to which the bill of particulars do not apply), the sample motion to dismiss includes the most powerful arguments to dismiss the account stated claim.






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