Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: you’ll be satisfied, or you’ll get your money back – with just the limitations of the following paragraph.

We want to make sure that the materials you receive are either exactly what you want or exceed your expectations. That said, if you contact us numerous times asking for help on your own specific situation as a follow-up to your purchase, or if you are a member for more than two months, We will consider that you are satisfied with the materials. We cannot guarantee results, but we do guarantee the quality of the materials your receive, therefore, all refund requests must be made within two (2) months of the date of purchase.

I Do Want to Make Some Things Clear:

The Manual and Forms, and all our materials, are not a “do-it-all- for-you” kit. You’re not going to be able to sit back and do nothing. The materials are designed to help show you how to do what you need to do. Anything else iwould be a little too close to legal advice. Plus, even debt law cases are different from each other, and our goal is to prepare you to deal with whatever comes up so you’ll never need to fear the debt collection process again. Our materials cannot guarantee that you will win, however. Most of our customers do win, but sometimes the debt collectors or creditors actually have what they need to win. Our materials will help you find that out in time to do something about it.

The materials are designed to attack an economic weakness shared by all debt collectors. Although debt laws are pretty similar, they can differ from state to state. But the economic reality is that by fighting you take the profit out of the lawsuit for the debt collectors. That is true if you can win the case. And even if they could win the case. It’s all about money. If you fight hard enough and long enough, they’ll lose money by continuing to chase you. Of course you need to know how to fight and win on the legal issues, and my materials will give you what you need. They’ll help you stay in the game long enough to take advantage of the economics to maximize your results–either to win the case outright or to get a very good settlement if that makes the best sense to you under the circumstances.

Although some of the forms used in our Forms Book were approved by certain Missouri courts for use in debt law cases, they are not “court-approved” for use in every jurisdiction. They are documents that have been used successfully before in specific cases. That means that you will need to use them as models that might or might not apply to your case. Sometimes you might be able to use a whole form, but most often, you will want to use the form as a sort of framework that you will need to add to in order to apply them to your case and jurisdiction. Some of them may not apply to you.

Sometimes the facts in your case might make things a little tricky. We’ll help make sure you can use the materials you get if you need help. You can get in touch with us at info@yourlegallegup.com.