Motion to Compel Pack

Motion to Compel Discovery Pack


Finally! A way to even the playing field between you and the debt collector on discovery.

Even the briefest glimpse of most chat rooms or websites dedictated to people being sued for debt shows one huge problem that people representing themselves in debt litigation are encountering. They are creating and serving discovery on the debt collectors, rightly believing this is the key to showing how little evidence the debt collectors have or can get.

And the debt collectors are stonewalling the discovery. They submit dozens of standardized (we call them “boilerplate”) objections and then either sit out or continue to stonewall during the defendant’s attempts to resolve these “disputes” as the courts require–if the defendants are aware of this rule and have the heart to follow it. And then on many occasions, the debt collectors evade all attempts at discovery and go to trial with a grossly unfair advantage.

What debt defendants need, as a follow up to their discovery, is a strategy. You need to write a letter to “confer” with the other side about these bogus disputes, and then you will need to file a motion to compel discovery. That’s a request to the court to force the debt collector to answer your interrogatories and either provide the requested information and documents or admit they don’t have them.

That’s what the debt collectors don’t want to do. And now you can make them do it without suffering through the mind-numbing routine and confusion of drafting it completely anew. This levels the playing field. At last.

The Motion to Compel Pack consists of 7 Documents:

  • Two sets of defendant’s discovery: interrogatories and requests, and plaintiff’s responses (from different jurisdiction);
  • Two sample “good-faith” letters;
  • Joe Consumer’s Motion to Compel;
  • Joe Consumer’s Memorandum in Support of His Motion to Compel; and
  • Full instructions on how to adopt the motion and file it effectively

Although this is not “cut and paste” you will find this document, along with the directions, just what you need to get started on forcing a Debt Collector to “play ball” on discovery. It will show you how to construct your argument, analyze it, and shove it down the debt collectors’ throats.