About the Litigation Manual

The Litigation Manual is the foundation of the our Debt Litigation Defense membership.

When we started Your Legal Leg Up in 2008, our only product WAS the Litigation Manual. Since then, we’ve decided that membership provides much more value – so much so that we no longer sell the manual by itself – but the Litigation Manual is still the foundation for the rest of our materials. And it has gotten much bigger and better.

What the Litigation Manual Includes

The secret to defending yourself against debt collectors is understanding the economic realities that drive the companies lined up against you. And to know how to use the legal system to exploit their weaknesses and defend yourself.

The Litigation Manual will educate you on the debt collection process, tell you about your rights, and show you how to protect yourself. It tells you what to expect in court the first day, what to expect from the debt collectors, and how to take charge of the process to find what you need to know.

The Litigation Manual tells you everything you need to defend yourself from a lawsuit brought by debt buyers, debt collectors, or even original creditors. In language anybody can understand and use. Gives you the knowledge and motivation to fight the debt collectors and safely navigate the court system. Good for any jurisdiction. Used with the Forms Package, prepares you to go in and win.


Specifically, the Debt Litigation Manual explains how debt problems add up (before they become a lawsuit), how the debt collectors work (how they make their money, and what they do), and how the litigation process works.

Naturally, there’s a major emphasis on the litigation process itself. It starts with the complaint, which the debt collector files with the court. It becomes “your” problem when you get served the summons – and that’s when you must either answer or move to dismiss the suit.

We explain how to conduct and respond to discovery, which is the essence of your defense.

And we describe “motions,” which are the battlefields of litigation where most cases are won or lost.

Finally, we describe the trial itself, what to expect, what to look for, how to do it.

Throughout the Manual

Throughout the Litigation Manual, you will find extremely details discussions and translations of what the process is for and what is happening. We also provide illustrations, samples, and examples, as well as links to free further materials on the website.

As we used to say, the Debt Defense System gives you everything you need to beat the debt collectors in court.


What we have learned, however, is that KNOWING stuff is no substitute for DOING stuff. It’s too easy to buy the Manual, follow it until you win or the going gets tough, and then give up if the going gets tough before you win. The Litigation Manual (and its links) WILL give you access to everything you need to win, but our membership improves your chances dramatically because it makes it much easier and more flexible.

Through the membership we are able to help you interpret specific documents and to discuss specific moments in the litigation process. We can help you understand, specifically, what your debt collector is up to, and discuss ways for you to respond. Through the membership you will have many more materials to use that will streamline your process, and the teleconferences provide real-time opportunities to ask questions and get answers.

Together, the Manual and Membership give you a great chance to win your lawsuit without having to hire a lawyer.