Welcome to our Ecourse: Developing Uncommon Common Sense in Debt Defense

Thanks for signing up. We’ll start with the “Ten Tips” for developing and acting with common sense in debt defense. Think of these “tips” as chapter headings – Tomorrow you will start receiving the follow-up materials that will help you bring them to life in a more meaningful way.

Ten Simple Tips to Winning in Debt Law

  1. Standing up for yourself isn’t hard – it’s just different.
  2. Always know the rules of the game you’re playing.
  3. Time is always of the essence.
  4. Always know how much time is on the play clock.
  5. In the law you are always pushing or being pushed – and it’s much better to push than to be pushed.
  6. No one will tell you what to do in litigation. They only tell you what you should have done when they’re trying to hurt you.
  7. You won’t believe the tricks the other side will play in discovery until you see them – thus you must do your discovery first.
  8. Lots of proof of one thing doesn’t make up for not enough proof of something else.
  9. It’s all real, and you’re either winning or losing at any given time.
  10. Keep your eye on the ball or you will lose it.