Notary public: A person qualified to take sworn statements. Banks usually provide them to their customers for free.

Notice: Legalese for “warning” or just, “tell,” as in providing notice to the other side of a motion. You are required to give them a certain amount of time as determined by your state’s Rules of Civil Procedure.

Notice of Appeal: A formal document filed to notify the trial court and other party that a litigant is appealing the court’s final judgment to the Court of Appeals. There are usually very strict time requirements on when this must be provided.

Notice of Deposition: The notice sent to the opposing party telling them the date, time and place you intend to take a deposition in the case.

Noticing up: Slang for when you want to have a hearing on something or to require the other party’s attendance at something like a deposition, you “notice it up.” This tells them the date and time the event you are telling them about will be. If the person you’re noticing up is a party and controls the witness, or if the person you’re noticing up IS the witness, giving them the notice requires them to be there. Otherwise, you will need a subpoena for the witness.