Getting out of the Student Loan Debt Trap

 – Bankruptcy and Student Loans


They All Want to Make It Impossible to Ditch Your Student Loans

The problem with student loans and the bankruptcy courts, as everyone knows, is that the schools, the courts, and congress have all tried to make it nearly impossible to get out of the loans. 

But Can You Discharge YOUR Student Debt in Bankruptcy?

To be very frank, it can be quite hard to get out of them. I do not want this book to leave anybody with the sense that there is some secret or magical way to get out of the deep trouble they’re in. 

It isn’t that. HOWEVER, it is still true that it isn’t as bad as most people, including bankruptcy lawyers, seem to think. Only a tiny percentage of people burdened with student loans and declaring bankruptcy even try to get out of them. Of these, a very significant number succeed – the statistics aren’t actually clear, and they do vary, but it would appear that somewhere between thirty (30%) and almost sixty (60%) of people trying to discharge student loans succeed to some extent. 



To me, that suggests that not enough people are trying

so I DO want to encourage you to try. 

You Should Get a Lawyer if Possible

This isn’t debt law, where if you have a little guidance and some nerve you have a really great chance of winning – if that’s what you’ve got, we can definitely help. But bankruptcy and student loan debts are different. 

Part of the confusion is caused by courts applying different standards and being extremely “judgmental” and harsh. Thus people will find this book helpful in structuring their lives to avoid some of the harshness of the courts. You may, if possible, want to seek a more favorable jurisdiction, and there are certain things you can do to improve your odds in any jurisdiction you’re in. This book will show you that. 

Written in Plain English

The page counter shows a huge number of pages, but it isn’t nearly as bad as that. It’s bad enough though! The book is a little over 100 pages that you should read, and then you should read the section of cases in the appendix that applies to your jurisdiction. If you have particular issues mentioned in the appendix – most notably money “mistakes” of various types, you’ll want to read those pages too. 

Your Legal Leg Up does not specialize in helping people with student loans, and membership with us would definitely NOT be better than hiring a really good bankruptcy lawyer. On the other hand, these materials should help you find and understand your lawyer, and our membership offers much more of that as well. If you have to go it “pro se,” you could find help from our materials. But in student loans and bankruptcy discharge, there’s really no substitute for a good lawyer if you can possibly afford it. And the stakes involved strongly suggest you try really hard to get one. 

For Further Help with Debt Law

Please visit our site for more information: We help people protect their rights from debt collectors and creditors at the negotiation, litigation, and credit repair stages. We can help you if debt collectors are bothering you. Our interest in student loans comes from our realization that so often people have more than one issue they could use help with, and getting good information on student loans is not easy.

You can get this book from Amazon for $7.99. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read for free. Click here for Amazon.