Fight Debt! YourLegalLegUp NewsletterJune 2012

This Issue of Fightdebt! is different. You will notice, first, that it is about a month late! That isn’t because I haven’t been doing anything. Rather, it’s because I’ve been doing so much, and the projects are big – they just haven’t come together as quickly as I’d hoped. One of those projects is the new Trial Handbook, which I created in response to some of the questions I was receiving from members who were either in small claims court or in some other court where conducting discovery was difficult or impossible.

I created the Trial Handbook to address that issue, and it is attached for free download for members.

The featured video is a part of a series I am creating to help people spot debt troubles earlier in the process and take more proactive steps to deal with them and protect their rights. It will be ready for you soon.

Next month’s issue, which I will have out in a week or so, will return to the normal format. Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you will enjoy the materials that I have, and am, busy creating. My goal is to strengthen your position both with respect to any lawsuit you may be involved in and any potential cases.

The Litigation Technique article this month is about a technique available in California and a few other jurisdictions: demanding a bill of particulars. Next month I will take a very in-depth look at the “account stated” claim. I’ve written on the issue before, but especially since it is the debt collector’s remedy to their burden of proof on breach of contract cases, I think it needs a second look.