Fight Debt! YourLegalLegUp NewsletterApril 2012

In this Issue of Fightdebt! we begin a few series of articles and videos. Our featured videos are two recent videos created for members and taking a very basic, step-by-step approach to the process of discovery. It begins with finding out what you need to find out, and that is what these two videos are about. The Question of the Month is related – it tells you how to lay the groundwork for a motion to compel when the debt collectors do not provide you answers to the questions you asked.

In Life after Litigation we start to look at what happens after a debt lawsuit is over. How do you begin to restore your lifestyle and peace of mind? This article begins that quest.

The Litigation Technique article is, again, about the discovery process – how you create discovery.  It is the article on which the featured videos was based – for people who prefer to learn in different ways. Be sure to look at the new article, Stating Attorney’s Fees – A Violation of the FDCPA? too.

The Scam Report deals with short-term loan companies “spiking” their loans with potential criminal liability if you miss a payment – without telling their customer/victims, of course.