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Conducting Discovery When You’re Sued for Debt, Part 2

How do you conduct discovery that helps you when you’re being sued for debt? This video explains some of the first things you need to do to start the discovery process.

Denying Requests for Admissions

Requests for admissions are a major threat to pro se defendants. What are they and how do you go about denying a debt collector’s requests for admissions? What’s the difference between “objecting” and “denying?” If you are facing requests for admissions, this will be very helpful.

Deposition: Ten Tips for Preparing for Deposition, Part 1

Depositions don’t happen very often in debt cases, but they do sometimes. If you receive a “notice of deposition,” what do you do and how do you prepare? This video shows you how.

Deposition: Ten Tips for Preparing for Deposition, Part 2

This is the second part of the tips videos on preparing for deposition. Members get a lot more, but this should help you get started in a good way.

Discovery – Starting to Do What it Takes to Win

In the law, it’s usually “push or be pushed,” and this video is about you making sure you’re the one who is pushing in your case. If you do, the debt collector might just give up – or might not conduct the discovery it needs to do. Either way, conducting discovery is important, and the earlier the better.

Make them Answer Your Discovery

What happens when you go to all the trouble of writing and serving discovery on the debt collector? Most of the time they try to “stonewall” you by refusing to answer any of the questions at all. What do you do to keep things on track and keep them from doing that to you? This video talks about how you make them cough up the information you need to beat them.

Rule-Mandated Discovery

In some jurisdictions the parties are required to give each other certain information. If you’re in one of those jurisdictions, that’s a huge advantage for you – you’ll probably get everything you need to win. This video tells you what to expect and how to use what you get.