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Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual – Table of Contents

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Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual

If you are being contacted by debt collectors for original creditors or debt buyers, or if you are facing what looks like an insurmountable debt burden, there’s a way to help – and there are several things you can do to protect yourself. One option may be to negotiate an arrangement to pay less than they say you owe. It may sound hard. It may sound wrong. It may even sound like magic, but it isn’t any of these things. It’s something normal, regular people can do, saving potentially thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars.

We can show you how.

Overview of the Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual

You can can get out of debt slavery, and you can do it by yourself, but it isn’t a free lunch – there are risks – and there are ways to go about it to make it more likely to work to your advantage. The Debt Negotiation and Settlement System is designed to help you work your way through the process and save yourself the most money possible while subjecting yourself to the least risk or harm.

It’s mostly a question of knowing what you need to do and doing that with a little discipline while at the same time not doing the things you should not do, until you either make them go away or win at trial. It sounds simple, and it is – if you know what you’re doing.  You will know what you’re doing with the Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual. You can get the Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual for just two payments of $29. You won’t find the information in this book anywhere else.

Debt Negotiation is NOT Mainly Words

Negotiation of anything is not really about what you say. It is about what you DO to change the way the things look to the person on the other side of the table. If you look like a ripe plum ready for the picking, do you expect them to take less merely because you ask them to? That could work sometimes, maybe, but the Godfather didn’t get ahead by making offers that were easy to turn down. He made offers they “couldn’t refuse.”

What that means and how to do it is the art of negotiation.

Just think about how it will be, first when you walk away from the debt collectors who have been making your life miserable, and then as you move towards a life of greater freedom and happiness – free from debt, and free to build your future.

The Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual is a manual designed to give you all the materials and support you will need to get out of debt slavery without spending a ton of money on debt settlement companies that don’t do any more than you could do yourself – and often do much less than you would do. It doesn’t matter whether you are negotiating with debt buyers, collectors or original creditors, you can do this. If you work this system, it will work for you.

The Debt Negotiation Manual that comes with this product is a “dashboard” to the materials that will help you beat the debt – if not with ease, then at least with a minimum of wasted effort and expense. Negotiation – of any sort – is largely about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, knowing or finding out what the other side wants or will accept, and then using your words and actions, as well as time, to bring the other side around to your way of thinking. Negotiating about debt means you need to understand the rules of negotiation in general as well as the laws pertaining to your debt.

Negotiating with the creditors and debt collectors isn’t that hard or complicated. It just requires preparation, knowledge, and patience. The Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual is about showing you how to prepare, how to use the knowledge you get, and how to use time to your advantage. It is designed to reduce the anxiety of not knowing for sure what’s coming next in the process, whether you should make an offer or wait for them, whether you’ll be sued and what to do if you are. And it’s about reducing the bad things that could happen to you if you do not reach a settlement. You’re probably much closer to taking control of your life than you even think.

Our Theory of Negotiations

Our theory of debt negotiation is simple: (1) Know the possibilities; (2) really improve your situation and negotiating posture; and (3) communicate with the other side effectively (4) towards a clear goal that you have set after thinking through your options carefully.

What You Get with This Manual

We have had a great deal of experience both as a litigator and negotiator, and as a web master, and we have realized that almost every person representing himself or herself in a debt case – either litigation or settlement negotiations – would do much better if (1) they have an opportunity, preferably on a regular basis, to talk to other people who can help them with insights and information; and (2) a lot of the work done for them. The Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual does that. When you buy the Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual, you will get two very important benefits:

  • You will get the Debt Negotiation and Settlement System Manual– a manual designed to give you all the information you need to conduct debt negotiations on your own and linking you to an expanding array of member-only benefits connected through the website.
  • You also get a special price on the prepaid legal services program we have negotiated with another company to provide you. This program gives you the security of knowing that if you get sued on your debt, you will have a lawyer who will represent you at no cost other than the monthly premium. You will get a $25 discount off the price of the sign up fee for the program and a $10/month discount off the monthly premium. Click here for information on the prepaid legal program.

Together, these benefits provide you the know-how to negotiate and the information you need to prepare to do it. And they give you a very important way to strengthen your negotiating position so that you don’t have to fear attorney’s fees if you get sued.

A monthly renewing subscription is part of the service that you get with the Debt Negotiation and Settlement System. This gives you all the benefits of membership and connects you with all the materials that are referred to and used in the Manual, literally thousands of pages of material and several dozen videos, among other things, and it allows us to update the materials in your Manual by changing the materials you see when you click on the links in your Manual. Thus the information will be kept up to date and correct, and will increase over time.

You Will Be Prepared to Stand Up for Yourself

          Our Debt Negotiation Manual prepares you to fight. It has chapters on

  • how to find out the facts you need to know;
  • how to organize and prepare this information into a plan;
  • how to talk to the people you will be talking to;
  • how to write a letter proposing a deal – or how to do it on the phone, since the reality is that most of these deals start with a phone call;
  • how to look at the written agreement you need to make the deal work for you;
  • and many more.

There are appendices that contain

  • a summary of the rules debt collectors have to live by on consumer debts,
  • a case study on two actual negotiations with credit card companies,
  • an analysis of the tax consequences that might come from a debt settlement, and more.
  • And there are many links to articles and videos on related topics.

All so that a non-lawyer – busy with life and under stress – can get a fair shake.

And again, you get a significant discount off the price of the prepaid legal services that give you a lawyer if you need to defend yourself while you are negotiating with your creditors.

Knowledge Applied Is Power

You may know Your Legal Leg Up from our materials helping people beat the debt collectors in debt lawsuits. We have two main websites for that: and (our blog).   We have posted dozens of videos on that have largely focused on the litigation side of debt collection and have hundreds of thousands of views. Why does that matter to you as you try to negotiate with original creditors and debt collectors?

Negotiations Take Place in the Shadow of the Law

It is vitally important for you to remember, every time you speak with a debt collector or even a creditor (when you are having trouble paying your bills), that what you are doing is part of one process. We don’t say that that the process is all part of a lawsuit – rather, it is all one process of a collection system of which litigation (the lawsuit) is an important part. Thus, admitting the debt in a negotiation, for example, can have a bad effect on you later in a lawsuit if it comes to that. Agreeing to an amount that might or should be paid also can have legal effect – it may create a whole new debt, simplify the burden of proof for the debt collector and extend the statute of limitations of the whole debt.

Unpaid and Unsettled Debts often End in Litigation

Many debts that are not settled and paid end up in litigation, a fact the debt collectors know very well. The debt collectors therefore are preparing to litigate all the time they are negotiating – the process is geared towards giving them an advantage if the debt does go into litigation. Thus it is important for you also to know the law at every stage of negotiation, at least in a general way. Everything you do that would have a bad effect on you in a lawsuit also makes having a lawsuit more likely because it makes suing you more attractive. You can trust Your Legal Leg Up to give you the straight information you need to protect yourself at every step of the process.

We Have Much Experience in Negotiation We are extremely experienced in providing information to normal people fighting to protect their rights, and we do a great job of it. Negotiation is always an important part of litigation, and we had both a considerable amount of experience with negotiation before creating our websites and also as part ofYour Legal Leg Up in guiding people to negotiate successfully with the debt collector lawyers.

We can help you, too. After all, the best victories often come when there isn’t a fight, when the parties can see which way the wind is blowing and agree to the best solution without a lot of wasted resources. Our goal is to make sure the wind is blowing the right way when you do negotiate.

In Danger of Being a Servant of Your Debt? You Can Take Charge

If you’re being harassed or sued by debt collector, or just worried that you will be, or worried that your debt will overtake you and rob you of your hope and future, you can take action. Imagine settling the debts in a way that repairs your credit and frees you from the anxiety and soul-sucking burden of your debts. You can give yourself that gift – the gift of a better future. Get the Debt Negotiation and Settlement System.

Keep reading to see why you can do this..

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

People in debt often feel trapped. Of course you’re worried about what could happen to you and what they could do if you get sued. You’re facing an impersonal system – when you get to talk to a person at all, you get treated like dirt, Or like a helpless puppet.

Your Legal Leg Up – The Power to Retake Control of Your Life

Simply put, Our Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual tells you what you need

to know to take control of the situation. You’ll understand the debt collection process and your rights. You’ll know who the players are(and what they want) in plain English. It shows you how to navigate the negotiation process and protect against legal action. How to drive a tough bargain and make it stick.

It shows you how to win without spending everything you own on the fight. And it includes the forms you will need to do it right.