Debt Negotiation and Settlement Help

If you are facing a large amount of debt that you cannot bring under control or resolve within a reasonable amount of time, you may need to negotiate and settle them.

You may have heard of “debt settlement” only in terms of negotiating with credit card companies and making those companies accept less than you owe. In fact, you can negotiate and settle with all of your creditors, and the methods are not all the same because the legal character and status of the debts will be different, as well as  your negotiation position and the resources you have to make payments. You need to understand all these things. Our materials may help.


We have many resources that you will find helpful. Click here for articles and videos that relate to the issue of debt collection, negotiation and settlement. Here are a few you may need soon.

Before You Settle

There’s settling – and then there’s settling. If you’re tempted to settle your case against the debt collectors just as a way of getting out of it quickly or to avoid some catastrophe, you need to watch this video. Settling can actually be worse than losing sometimes – and it can also sometimes be better than winning. Make sure you’re on the right side.

Can they Garnish Your Social Security

If you are an elderly or disabled  American—or are receiving Social Security Payments for any other  reason—you may fear that debt collectors could seize or garnish  your income. The debt collectors may have suggested they could, or would do so if you do not pay them. Can they do it?

Debt Collectors vs. Debt Buyers

If you are negotiating, you need to know who you are dealing with – what their legal restrictions and definitions are. Sometimes a debt collector will hand you a key that can free you from your debt, and you would negotiate differently with them anyway.

Debt Settlement – What You Need to Know about Negotiations

Article on negotiation and protecting yourself by not getting the wrong deal or revealing too much.

Defend Yourself, Protect What’s Yours

Don’t let the debt collector take everything you own. This video shows you how you can begin to defend yourself and protect what you own.