Credit Repair and Reconstruction Resources

If you have had debt problems to any degree, your credit report will almost certainly have been damaged. And your credit report affects your ability to obtain housing, insurance and many other of the things of ordinary life, as well as your ability to “participate in the modern economy,” as one commentator puts it. Bad credit costs you a lot of money, and much of that damage isn’t necessary. If you want to fix your credit and are willing to put in some effort, you can repair your credit and make your future brighter.

There are legal tools that can help you, and you need to know them, but this process is much more than just that. It requires a systematic effort over time, where you erase the bad credit history and create new and better history instead.

The main legal tool of credit repair is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That’s the law that requires the credit reporting agencies (or “bureaus”) to give you a copy of your credit report and requires them to respond to you when you dispute items in your report.

Our Approach to Credit Repair

Credit repair is made up of basically two types of action: “administratve-type” actions that you can take without any real involvement in the legal system, and litigation.

Administrative Remedies to Obtain Credit Repair

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA),  much of what you need can be done without litigation. You simply obtain your credit reports and, following a relatively simple course of action (as we describe in the Credit Repair Manual), you dispute negative credit references.

Often, this will be enough, although of course it may involve letters to numerous individuals and following specific steps. Debt collectors have little actual motivation to continue to put negative information onto your credit report, and you can often turn their apathy into good results for you.

Credit Repair Requiring Litigation

On the other hand, there are times when no amount of writing letters and asking credit reporters to do the right thing will get the job done. Sometimes you will need to have a deeper knowledge of the law so that you can credibly threaten and take legal actions to pursue your rights. In these cases, we have a Credit Repair Membership.