“In the Shoes of the Original Creditors” and other Deceptions by Debt Collectors

Deceptions by Debt Collectors that may violate the FDCPA


Debt companies would like you to believe that being sued by THEM is the same as being sued by the company that originally (allegedly) owned the debt. It definitely is not.

Now it’s true that when a company buys a debt is does (and legally can) buy all the rights the original creditor had to the debt. But when the company’s principle business is the collection of debts, its status as a “debt collector” under the law is very significant. The FDCPA regulates what they can say, what they have to say, and how they can act.

Even more important than that, a debt buyer (of any description) is going to have very significant problems generating admissible evidence that would allow it to win. If you know what you’re doing, you should almost always be able to beat a debt collector.

Original creditors are a little trickier. Or perhaps they’re just a little less predictable. As it happens, many of them ALSO have major difficulties presenting evidence. It isn’t clear why this is so – they should have what they need. But the fact is that quite often they do not. Thus our materials are helpful against them, as well. Whether they in fact have what they need or not, you need to KNOW what they’ve got. Our materials help you do that and then leverage whatever opportunities come up. They almost always do.

Opportunity Costs – The Secret Trigger

Do you know how much it costs the debt collector to chase you and the opportunity that means for you?

These guys like to make at least $250/hour, and they can easily do that if they’re suing a lot of people. They worry if they get anything at all, however, if you make them work on you too much. So you should.


Opportunity costs are a simple concept: it’s the price of doing one thing versus another. In debt law, this usually means the costs of pursuing one defendant versus the costs of buying more debts and suing people who do not fight. Once you understand this, you know why we almost always advocate that people fight to defend themselves.

And you’ll see why your chance of winning is so good.