Tip 7 of Uncommon Common Sense

Tip 7: You won’t believe the tricks the other side will play in discovery until you see them

Today’s tip is about the games lawyers play. If you’ve never seen them in action, you wouldn’t believe it, and so you should consider this an extension, sort of, to tip 2 (Always know the rules of the game you’re playing). In order to stay on top of things, you need to create and send discovery to the other side as quickly as possible. If at all possible, you must make them respond to your discovery before yours is due to them so you can see how the game is played.

I’ll give you a preview.

Games Debt Collectors Play

The rules of discovery – the rules that say how you ask for information from the other side – and how they are supposed to give it, are designed to make the opposing sides of a lawsuit cooperate. The rules set specific times for responding, and the other side is not supposed to make bogus objections or try to swamp you with everything but what you’re supposed to get. Then, if there are objections, the parties are supposed to “work things out” in a cooperative way without requiring the court to step in.

In reality, the debt collector will most likely not provide you the material you want on time, and when they do give you stuff, they will give you a set of objections that simply defy reason.

In short, they will play games with you.

Take Advantage of What they Do

You could get frustrated – it is frustrating to try to get things from the other side when they won’t follow the rules and act as if they can do anything they want to. And they do think they can, and the courts pretty much let them get away with anything.

Instead of being frustrated, though, you must see this as an opportunity for you to use time to your advantage. If you act with energy and persistence, you can use their tactic of trying to waste your time to your advantage. You are the one with more time – and you do not have to justify every action you take at a value of $200 per hour. Chase them with energy, therefore, and exploit your advantage: as you keep after them, you will be pushing them to spend time on a fight that will not bring them any money and which you will eventually probably win.

If you can make the lawyer for the debt collector spend anything like 2 hours per every $500 at stake in the lawsuit, you will simply make the suit unmanageable for them – and deeply unprofitable. When you do that, you make it likely they will give up. They’ll have to put of suing dozens of other people if you do this.

When they do Their Discovery

And when they send their questions for you, you will have a better idea how to proceed, although I do recommend that you be careful about this. The materials in the Debt Defense System could help you with this.

Tomorrow we will send Tip 8.