Testimonial from Cheryl

Testimonial from a User of the Litigation Materials


The following is an email from a user of the Litigation materials. This customer used our materials to file a response, discovery. She was ready for trial, but the debt collector gave up rather than fight at that point. Note the way Cheryl’s view of herself has changed – and she deserves every bit of her success.

Hi Ken,
First, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me in my time of need. Your selflessness is such a gift to all of us who find ourselves at the mercy of the debt collectors. Working with you and on your site has been a wonderful and empowering experience. I see myself in a different light – I am capable of overcoming that which seems impossible – and I have you to thank for that.
I am passing the word on.
Here’s my testimony to anyone who has a debt lawsuit and is fairly new to your site:
The amount the debt collector was suing me for was not only unfair, but ridiculous – the cost of a high end car. Still, I was so afraid, I was ready to  pay them as long as they would make the monthly payment plan reasonable.  I just wanted my stress to go away, even if it meant I’d get a bad deal. The lawyer/debt collector had already filed a lawsuit and got a judgment to garnish my wages. I was able to get that vacated, but still believed I would have to pay them this ridiculous amount of money.
This was my starting point. From here, I found Your Legal Leg Up.
I have to admit that the information on the site was ‘overwhelming’ at first.  I not only didn’t know where to start, I did not know where I was in the process. This was a fight or flight moment for me, and there were many times when I just wanted to give up. I spent my days being nervous and concerned about my finances, and my nights losing sleep. It was just too much.
But, I remembered Ken’s words telling me I have to put in the effort and do the research. In other words, I needed to toughen up, grow up, and deal with this, for ME. In time, the documents I read started to make sense. I began answering my own questions. I finally had a grasp on what was going on. Still, i was nervous, but at least now I knew what was coming, what the court documents meant, and what I needed to do to respond.
I did my research and found something that could worked in my favor. I submitted my document to the court, and to my surprise, the lawyer/debt collector opted to dismiss the case with prejudice.
I was STUNNED!!! I went from owing $$$$ to owing 0. I cannot thank Ken and his services enough.