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Intimidating Tactics of Debt Collectors in Litigation

“Frivolous” Defenses and Other Intimidation Tactics of Debt Collectors

When Defending Debt Cases Pro Se

When you’re defending (or thinking about defending) yourself pro se, the debt collector may try to intimidate you by suggesting that whatever you’re saying is “frivolous” or ridiculous in some way. Of course I do not suggest that you be casual or careless in your defense, but remember that debt collectors make their money by scaring people like you into giving up. They greatly over-state the risk to you of defending yourself, as in fact most of the time the court will simply not penalize you for defending yourself.

And no one makes more frivolous arguments that the debt collectors.

Check out our materials for things you can do if debt collectors try these on you.. Follow them and you won’t have to worry about making frivolous or baseless arguments or allegations.

What if they Accuse you of a Frivolous Defense to the Debt

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