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Testimonial from Joanna

Notes from a User of the Litigation Materials


The following is an email from a user of the Litigation materials. This customer used our materials to file a response, discovery, and to respond to a motion for summary judgment. She was ready for trial, but the debt collector gave up rather than fight at that point.


Dear Ken,

Thanks to you and your informative materials and website, we scared off the Debt Buyer, Midland Funding!  Today was my day in court and guess what?  The attorney for the Plaintiff, Midland Funding, did not show up. The judge had a shocked look on his face, because I am guessing, this was not normal for the court.   I made a motion to dismiss, and it was granted.

After buying your Debt Defense System, and listening to your conference calls, plus watching and listening to the videos and articles on the website, I was armed with enough knowledge to do what needed to be done.  Serving discovery, including request for production of documents and interrogatories and then responding to their Motion for Summary Judgment, and then the coup de grace, the Plaintiff actually withdrawing their motion for summary judgment, gave me the courage and skills to face them head on.  

Most people today have debt problems and are facing harassment and possibly default judgments.  EVERYONE should arm themselves with your material.

I will highly recommend your website and materials to everyone.


Joanna McConnell