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Just for Lawyers

For Lawyers

Hi and welcome to Your Legal Leg Up.

We have a lot of information that we hope will be helpful to you and your clients, and we encourage you to look around. We hope this site will be a resource to you and your clients. We also hope you will refer people who cannot afford your services, but who are being sued by debt collectors or original creditors on unpaid debts, to our site for information. We obviously cannot guarantee results, but you might be surprised at how often people representing themselves pro se win with our help.


If you have interest in arranging for mutual referrals, please let us know at info@YourLegalLegUp.com. It is our goal to find competent, aggressive lawyers for people who need them, and sometimes we encounter people who want to hire a lawyer rather than represent themselves.

Paralegal Services

If you represent debt defendants, or if you want to represent debt defendants, we can offer a lot of help in addition to Membership. Specifically, if you need research or writing done on a specific case, we can do that at an hourly charge. We’re sure you’ll find the work satisfactory, but if you’d like to see specific samples, let us know. The work will be done at a very high professional level, and you will normally be able to submit work we’ve done directly to the court with few, if any, additions.