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How Debt Troubles Start

Life History of a Debt

This continues the series of videos for people being harassed or sued for debt, and in this video we’ll look at the way debts evolve – from bills you can pay without problem, to bills you do have problems paying (or don’t want to pay), through the “charge-off” and sale of the debt to the debt collector.

Tomorrow we’ll lok at the “moral” duty to pay debts, and then we’ll move on to possible solutions to debt troubles.


What to do if you have debt troubles part 2

This video goes through the reasons you should win if you get sued for debt and begins the discussion on how to send the right signals to the debt collectors to leave you alone.


This is the second video of this series. Here is the link to the first one: https://yourlegallegup.com/pages/RO2-1

In these videos we take a basic look at debt – the way it piles up and the problems that come along with that. And we talk about the actions you should start taking to defend yourself from possible consequences.