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Take Control of Your Debt

Take Control of Your Debt

 – Take Control of Your Life

If you have been watching bills pile up or fear answering your phone because of debt collectors, this product will be good for you. It includes information about your right to require “verification” of debt and a sample letter you can simply copy and use on debt collectors that will often make them simply go away.

Also includes an article about your right to force debt collectors to stop talking to you at all (“cease communication letter”) and advice as to what effects this might have on you in the future, along with a sample letter to use to make the debt collectors stop communicating with you.

And it includes an article about finances and planning that will help you get ahead and keep the debt collectors from ever bothering you again.

These materials are designed to help you gain control of your debt, whatever it may be. The first step is to control the way and times the debt collectors contact you – if at all, and to assert your rights to force them to verify the debt. Beyond that, though, you need to take back control over your life by controlling your budget and improving your ability to earn and keep money.

You’ve probably seen (we have) simple debt verification letters selling for fifty or a hundred dollars. With this package you get two sample debt verification letters designed by a professional who has been in the business a long time. In addition, you get a “cease-communication” letter you can use to make the debt collectors stop contacting you altogether, along with information that will help you know how to use the letters with confidence. Plus you get actually meaningful and helpful advice on reining in your debts permanently Click here to see more on this product.